Deeds Banks Cash, Dems Resurrect Obama Field Team in Va.

State Sen. Creigh Deeds today announced his June raising totals today while the Democratic National Committee’s Virginia chapter of Organizing for America kicked off its Virginia Listening Tour in Reston tonight.

Deeds Raises $3.4 Million in June

In upcoming campaign finance filings, Deeds announced he will report raising nearly $3.4 million between May 28 and June 30. 2,500 different donors made contributions to the Deeds campaign; 68% of those donors contributed less than $100. Currently, Deeds has $2.7 million cash on hand.

So far this year, Virginians have contributed 63% of the nearly $5 million contributed to the Deeds campaign. In contrast, just 30 % of McDonnell’s funds have come from Virginians.

Deeds said, “I’m happy that so many people from all across Virginia have supported my campaign in the past month. We’ve had support from all areas of the state and from Republicans and Democrats.”

Deeds’ fundraising has outpaced that of Governor Tim Kaine, then Governor Mark Warner and their GOP opponents, Mark Earley and Jerry Kilgore in the same period at this point in their 2005 and 2001 campaigns.

Virginia Chapter of Organizing for America Kicks of Virginia “Listening Tour”

Deeds’ campaign no doubt will benefit from the organizing efforts from the DNC’s Organizing for America project, which kicked off its Virginia Listening Tour in Reston tonight. The Organizing for America project was created from the field team left behind from last fall’s Obama-Biden campaign. The idea, according to Virginia state director Brandyn Keating, OFA Virginia State Director is to keep the momentum from November going.

“We have just one goal for these events – to listen,” said Keating. “The historic dedication and commitment of our supporters is what brought us victory in November and is what will help us advance President Obama’s bold vision for the country over the coming years. They, more than anyone else, know what approaches will work best in Reston and we’re eager to hear their ideas.”


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