GOP Elected Officials Break Ranks, Back Deeds for Governor

One thing that keeps Virginia’s politics interesting is that party affiliation doesn’t always get in the way of what’s doing right for Virginia. Today, a group of former GOP lawmakers endorsed State Senator Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee for Governor.

As the Deeds campaign pointed out in their news release, “all these legislators have served with both Creigh and Bob McDonnell. But when it came time to select a candidate that they thought could lead Virginia and bring people together — they chose Creigh.”

These Republicans include:

  • Sen. Brandon Bell (R. – Roanoke Co.) – Member of Senate: 1992-96; 2004-2008.
  • Sen. John Chichester (R. – Stafford)  – Member of Senate: 1978-2008. Elected President pro tempore of the Senate, 2000. Former Chair of Finance Committee.
  • Sen. Russ Potts (R. – Winchester) – Member of Senate: 1992-2008. President, Russ Potts Productions, Inc.
  • Sen. Marty Williams   (R. – Newport News) – Member of Senate: 1996-2008. Former Chair of Transportation Committee.
  • Sen. Warren E. Barry (R. – Fairfax) – Member of the House of Delegates: 1970-1983. Member of the Senate: 1992-2002.
  • Del. Anne G. “Panny” Rhodes (R. – Richmond) – Member of the House of Delegates: 1992-2001.
  • Del. Katherine Waddell (I. – Richmond) – Member of House of Delegates: 2006-2008. Founder, Virginia Republican Majority for Choice. Former aide to Lt. Gov. John Hager.
  • Del. Jim Dillard (R. – Fairfax) – Member of House of Delegates:  1972-1977, 1980-2005. Former Chair of Education Committee.

I wonder which Democrats, if any, will back McDonnell. I’m not holding my breath that any will. My sense is that behind the scenes, the Republican Party of Virginia is still in disarray following the dismissal of its Chairman, Del. Jeff Frederick. The business oriented wing of the party can’t stand the social conservatives and vice versa.

The bottom line is Bob McDonnell’s close ties to Rev. Pat Robertson, make most Virginians, GOP, Independents and Democrats very nervous.



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3 responses to “GOP Elected Officials Break Ranks, Back Deeds for Governor

  1. This is just normal Virginia politics, where personal relationships trump party labels.

    Millions of Virginians who vote locally for a Republican delegate, will happily vote for Creigh Deeds, if only Creigh will reach out to the fiscally conservative voters, including groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

    Ironically, Mr. McDonnell’s recent patty-cake with the NAACP and Black Entertainment Television will likely drive a large block of crossover and ticket-splitters into the Deeds camp.

  2. rightwingliberal

    You’re kidding, right? All of this crew have either been bounced by Republican primary voters, or were on their way to the same when they chose to retire instead.

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