Among Virginia’s Candidates, Who Has the Best Record on Environmental Issues?

Today the Virginia Chapter of the non-partisan League of Conservation Voters issued its 2009 rankings of legislators. As members of the legislature, the Democratic nominees for Governor and Attorney General are included, as is the GOP nominee for AG. Where did they end up?

Here’s the scoop:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Sen. Creigh Deeds had the second highest ranking of the members of the Virginia Senate. LCV reported that Deeds voted with the League 91 percent of the time in 2009. His average rating since 2000 is 86 percent.

Democratic nominee for Attorney General Steve Shannon, who is a member of the House of Delegates, earned a rating of 92 in 2009. His average rating since 2000 is 82 percent.

The GOP nominee for Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, is a member of the Senate. He voted with the League 10 percent of the time in 2009. Since 2000, he’s voted with the League 27 percent of the time.

But what about Republican nominee for Governor Bob McDonnell, the GOP Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and the Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov. Jody Wagner?

Well, McDonnell, who served in the House of Delegates prior to being elected Attorney General in 2005 was given a rating of 0 percent in 2000, 14 percent in 2001, 33 percent in 2002, 25 percent in 2003  and 2004 and 13 percent in 2005. A pretty horrible record.

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling served in the Virginia Senate from 1995 to 2005. His ratings as a legislator were quite strong until he started running for Lt. Gov. in 2005.

In 2000, Bolling received a 60% rating. In 2001, he received a 100 percent rating. In 2002, he got a 80 percent rating, but in 2003, his rating dropped to 20 percent. Then in 2004 he got a 50 percent rating, but in 2005, he got a 0 percent rating. That’s right, he voted against the League on every bill in 2005.

As for Jody Wagner, she hasn’t served in the legislature, so she isn’t rated. But given her position on environmental issues compared to those of Lt. Gov. Bolling, it’s pretty clear to me who in a better position to represent me in Richmond. (Sorry, I am opposed to off-shore drilling.)


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