Have You Visited Deeds Country?

What I love about State Sen. Creigh Deeds’ new video promoting his campaign for Governor is that he is not just telling the story of what makes Bath County, Virginia special, but he’s explaining how he can use the values and the lessons of growing up in Bath County to help all of us across the Commonwealth.

Sen. Deeds says in part: “I think somebody like me, from my part of the state, from a part of the state where there’s not much opportunity can do the things that are necessary to create opportunity in every part of Virginia. When we work hard to bring people together, to create consensus and to grow opportunity throughout Virginia.”

That’s the point that former State Sen. Martin Williams  (R-Newport News) made in a column in today’s Washington Post.

In explaining the rationale behind his endorsement of Deeds — the first Democrat he’s ever endorsed — Sen. Martin says that Deeds,  “has demonstrated that he has what it takes to lead when faced with complex problems. He not only has the backbone to stand up for what he thinks is right but also has the pragmatism to look past party lines to find common-sense solutions. Throughout his 18 years as a legislator, Creigh has formed the bipartisan relationships necessary to face the challenges that lie ahead.”

Deeds released the video at the start of a nine day tour of Southwest Virginia. You can follow Deeds on his tour by visiting a special section of his website or following a new Twitter feed created especially for the tour. But first, check out this video.


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