Have You Had Enough of the GOP Mob?

Have you seen the wingnuts who’ve crashed the Congressional town hall meetings of Democrats to shout down any discussion of health care? A new Democratic National Committee asks if you’ve had enough of the GOP mob. Well have you?



Filed under health care, House Republicans, Republican Party, Right wing nut jobs, Senate Republicans

2 responses to “Have You Had Enough of the GOP Mob?

  1. Lynn Black

    You make me SICK!!!!! I am against this health care bill. Your video is SORRY!
    I really thought that Democrats were smarter……

    • If I make you sick, the good news is the Democrats will make sure you have decent health insurance and a doctor to make sure you get better.

      I would be pretty psyched about that if I were you. Remember, Democrats brought you Medicare and Social Security. (Most everybody, even the GOP mob loves that.)


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