Myths about the Deeds Campaign

I’ve had a long week and haven’t had the chance to keep up with all the political reading I’d like to. One item by the Washington Post’s Virginia Notebook blog about Creigh Deeds and his Deeds Country tour of Southwest Virginia caught my eye. The writer at the Post seems to have bought into the notion myth that progressives and liberals in Northern Virginia aren’t supporting Sen. Deeds.

I don’t believe this for a moment, certainly not after attending the Rally for Virginia in McLean this week. That crowd was fired up and ready to go.

I trust the Deeds campaign knows how to win in all parts of Virginia. After all, that’s exactly what Creigh Deeds did in the Democratic Primary.

If progressives are upset with Sen. Deeds as their nominee, then why did the most liberal areas of Virginia vote for him over his opponents in such overwhelming numbers?

It’s surprising and saddening to me that the political reporting team at the Post is willing to disregard these facts in their political analysis which they previously reported.

Oh, and as a reminder, if the August polls in 2005 were accurate, we’d have Gov. Kilgore now.



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2 responses to “Myths about the Deeds Campaign

  1. Why did the most liberal areas of NoVa vote for Creigh? It’s because of Team Deeds NoVa!! 🙂

    You hit the nail right on the head. I don’t think the problem has been the strategy because after the primary you can’t question Joe Abbey and how he runs campaigns. I think the problem has been all the new people brought into the coordinated campaign and the complete lack of motivation they lost immediately following the primary to include contact with volunteers. I wrote about that over at NDP.

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