Sen. Al Franken: Teabag Whisperer

The folks at Talking Points Memo got this video from What I like about it is no one is screaming. Folks gathered with Sen. Franken may not agree with him, but they have to agree that he is respectful to them. As I think about all the elected officials, Republican and Democrat, who have represented me over the years, few have been as courteous to opponents as Sen. Franken was here.

Perhaps how courteous a candidate is to those with whom they disagree should be a factor in our voting decisions.


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One response to “Sen. Al Franken: Teabag Whisperer

  1. Chris B.

    “McAllen—is that where we have a lot of immigrants?”

    “I told you, but, they have the exact same demographic as El Paso, which does it for half the cost. So I—I was—I don’t know if you remember my saying that. But that was significant.”

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