Give to Rob Miller for Congress, Defeat Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson

Tonight I just made my first campaign contribution of the 2010 cycle. I gave a few dollars to Rob Miller, a Democrat who is running for Congress in South Carolina. You should, too.

Miller is running against GOP Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who earlier tonight shouted, “You Lie!” to President Obama, after the president pointed out that there will be no health care benefits for illegal immigrants.

Visit Rob’s campaign website to learn more about his candidacy or visit his Act Blue page to make a secure contribution to his campaign.



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59 responses to “Give to Rob Miller for Congress, Defeat Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson

  1. randy

    I will be donating tomorrow.

    Wilson needs to be removed from Congress.

    come on, SC, ditch this hateful man

    • Tracey

      I will spread the word to donate to every single soul that I know. This Wilson dude is a total disgrace.. a total sad case of disrespect to the highest office in the land.. how can he ever speak of patriotism again… does he know the meaning of the word??

    • buzzsc

      Joe Wilson is *the* most clueless being I’ve ever run across. A local GLBT group paid him a visit when he was in his local office and I’ve never seen anyone more glassy-eyed and totally dismissive of his constituents. Paid absolutely no attention to what they were saying and afterwards stated that he had no intention of supporting any of their positions. Rob Miller came very close to beating him last time. I can only hope this outburst seals his fate. BTW, his son is running for SC Attorney General… Sigh!

      • Teri

        Sounds like the apple doesn’t fall far from the paternal Wilson tree. I’ve sent my contribution to Mr. Miller…good luck to him from Iowa!

    • Deborah R. Fulton

      Its time to raise your state up to some ethics! First your Governor not going away, and now this Congressmen who shows no respect for this people of this country. He should be ashamed, even kids know better than not to show disrespect to the office of the Presidency. It’s time for you and your tea party guys admit defeat, and learn to live in a solution for a change. If not go back to the country your ancestors came from. God Bless our President, and his family.

      • shouldwe

        How come there wasn’t any reaction when Bush was addressing the Congress and the Democratic side booed him. I agree that there is a House cleaning required. Talk about unethical actions within that group. There needs to be a complete overhaul and stop thinking Democrat and Republican, get rid of all incumbents. Its really about the survival of this Nation. It’s an impossibility to balance the books and those of you think that taxing the rich and printing money will do the trick will eventually ease the financial burden are in for a very big surprise. Of course Obama will straighten out this mess is sheer folley. Really, listen very closely to what he is saying. He is and has been telling everone what he has in mind for this Country, it’s been no secrete. Everbody is focused on health care
        but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming. What he is proposing will overwhelm
        the system. It won’t be a pretty picture. By the
        way I happen to be a registered Democrat and live on a limited income. I have bit my tongue many times but can no longer tolerate what I see as a runaway economy heading for disaster.

    • Dee

      I agree with you Randy. I don’t live in SC but I too will be donating to Rob Miller’s campaign. Best wishes from AZ.

    • LeJeune

      As a resident of South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district , let me just say unequivocably that I don’t give a $%#@ how much money you give this man, I will not be voting for Rob Miller. Doing so would basically mean a ringing endorsement of NANCY PELOSI. Joe Wilson hasn’t done $@#@ over the last seven years in Congress, but I would rather have that than have loons like Obama, Pelosi, Al Franken, Barney Frank, et al., continuing to run this country into the ground.

      • David4Change

        It wa your dumb ass Bush who ruined the Country and Obama is picking up the pieces. But you’re too ignorant to realize that.

        Power to Obama and Miller 2010.

      • Stella 1

        Again where were you when Bush and Cheney, and Republicans ran the damn country into the ground and lie that we were not in a recession for the last four year they were in office. You know exacatly what happen now your stupid a_ _ _ wants to complain about what President Obama is doing. If you think for one monment that the Republican care about you then go ahead and vote for these crooks again and you will see just what they are going to do to complete the chapter of causing anothe Great Depression.

  2. chascates

    I gave him $25. And if I hear more of Joe Wilson I’ll probably drop a few more dollars.

  3. Robt.

    I just made my contribution and sent the following letter to his e-mail address: I was absolutely appalled by your behavior during the President’s Address to Congress and the Nation. It was disrespectful, cowardly, and I am going to make sure to contribute to WHOEVER is running against you in the next election. I was ashamed that young people heard your disrespectful remarks and you should apologize to the American People for the juvenile act you committed tonight. It was racist, it was immature, and you showed that not only does South Carolina produce a philandering governor, it also produces a jackass congressman.

    • MC Bell

      I also sent a similar e-mail at how appalled I was at his rude, disrespectful outburst. I also had to explain such boorish behavior to my kids as we watched the President. I will be making my donation to Rob Miller tomorrow!

  4. Ballards

    Somebody should notify Rob Miller that his website is down and that he is losing lots of potential contributors as a result.

  5. Lisa Ofars

    Rob Miller’s website is down (probably overloaded with campaign contributions) but you can make a donation to his campaign (even $5 helps and sends a message) via:'s Rob Miller’s bio:
    Robert Miller (D)
    Current Job:
    Birth Date:
    August 28, 1974

    University of South Carolina, B.A. Criminal Justice

    Robert Miller was born in Charleston and now resides in Beaufort. He attended the College of Charleston and then enlisted in the Marine Corps as a freshman.

    As a Marine, Miller was picked in 1998 for an enlisted commissioning program where he earned a bachelor’s of criminal justice at the University of South Carolina.

    Miller served two tours in Iraq as a captain, and served as a company commander at Parris Island before resigning his commission to run for the 2nd District seat.

    Miller also runs a small business that sells Marine-oriented gifts and souvenirs near the Marine Corps’ Parris Island training base.

    He and his wife, Shane, have a son.

    Miller says his priorities are improving the economy and scrapping unfair trade deals, balancing the budget and providing better access to health care. He says he also wants to focus on education, including ending No Child Left Behind.

    Miller faces Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, who has held the seat since winning a special election in 2001.

  6. I am outraged by Joe “You Lie” Wilson’s disrespectful comments this evening. I have donated to Rob Miller’s campaign. I encourage everyone to do the same. Let’s boot Mr. Wilson “the idiot” out of office.

  7. David

    I can’t believe we live in a country where The President of the United States is no longer held with the same regard it once was. When speaking about the President, there was a time when this country had a reverence about it. Now, we treat our President with the same respect sports players receive from fans and non-fans of teams.

    I’ll be contributing to Rob Miller’s campaign to show my support for civility in politics. Our country can’t turn our political system into some pro-wrestling type of atmosphere.

    • miller

      where were you when the liberals were attacking my president GEORGE W. BUSH. Now that the shoe is on the other foot you cry babies can’t it.

  8. I don’t even live in SC (Whidbey Island, WA) but wanted to show my support for the anti-Wilson. Good luck Ron and the people of SC.

  9. jake

    This “You Lie” punk needs to go down. Even the military knows to respect the rank even if you don’t respect the man…The President of the United State has the highest rank!!! I’ll be donating.

  10. I live in CA and have never contributed money to a political campaign. I sincerely hope Rep Wilson chokes on this donation.

  11. Good people of the 2nd Districict of South Carolina… It’s time to clean house. Please give Joe “You lie!” Wilson his walking papers.

    The rest of the Country will thank you!!!

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  13. J. C.

    Am a retired senior naval officer (O-6), resident of Charlotte, NC, and currently an expat working in the southern Arabian Gulf area of the mid east. Just donated a few hundred $$ to Rob’s campaign and am hoping the best for him. Wilson could not have done the President, the Democratic Party, the health care initiative, the American people, democracy… or Rob Miller! ;-), a bigger favor than genuinely & accurately representing the Republican party as a gaggle of rabid, ignorant, selfish, un-American, racist, neanderthal, domestic terrorists… thanks so much Joe, nicely done you moron.

  14. Jackie

    Just sent Rob a few bucks from NC! How disrespectful and unresponsible of Mr. Wilson! Heckle the President of the United States! He should be ashamed and no apology can take that back!!!

  15. Erik

    I donated, though I wish his web site were up. I hate being redirected. I always worry a site was hacked when I get redirected.

  16. George Cummings

    I am a New York State Resident. I just donated $25 to Mr. Miller’s campaign.

  17. George Cummings

    I have a sound bite for ya..

    ‘America does not exist to be cashed out by a generation afraid of the challenge’ – me, George Cummings

  18. Michael

    This guy gives all republicans a bad name. We’re not all bomb throwing nutbags. But those types win elections because they thrive on controversy. Rob Millers positions sound pretty conservative, actually, so he’ll probably represent the conservative SC base well enough. Funny that one guy says ‘what bill’ while another seems to know the details of illegal coverage…

  19. Joe Wilson’s disrespectful and rude behavior is not what we need in congress from any political party. If this is an example of his thought processing then I must question his ability to make sound judgments in governing our nation. He needs to be removed from office. With that in mind, I’ve donated to his opponent’s campaign.

  20. Dennie Richards

    Joe Wilson’s disrespectful and rude behavior is not what we need in congress from any political party. If this is an example of his thought processing then I must question his ability to make sound judgments in governing our nation. He needs to be removed from office. With that in mind, I’ve donated to his opponent’s campaign

  21. Sylvia

    I’m very pleased to show my disapproval to Joe Wilson by contributing to such a worthy candidate in Rob Miller.

  22. Old Salt

    I can only imagine what the Republican reaction would have been if a Democrat had done something like that after an actual lie in one of “W’s” speeches.

    • Evidently all you can do is imagine because you must have missed Harry Reed’s remarks, Nancy Polosi’s remarks, Hilary Clinton’s remarks. There are so many remarks made to “W’ about lies. If “W’ lied so did England, Isrial, Canada, and many other intelligence agencies. We could have had better intelligence if Bill Clinton had not crippled the United States’s ability to investigate information coming in from all over the place. Then when the information is concidered true and found out false “its a lie” get a life and look into your information instead of repeating information you know nothing about!

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  24. Carol

    hi- I donated $10 to Rob Miller. First ever political donation, ever. From a Bay area progressive. Go for it!

  25. Bob Shively

    I was shocked and dismayed by the complete lack of civility and respect demonstrated by Joe Wilson. He personifies everything that is wrong with the Republican party. Their knee-jerk, Pavlovian response to anything President Obama supports or attempts to accomplish is shameful and pathetic. I’m from Idaho, a disabled Viet Nam vet, and I felt compelled to donate to Rob Miller’s campaign. These morons from South Carolina relect poorly on the good people of S. C. They need to go.

    • I too am a vietnam veteran, I take pride in the service of my country. I am very disappointed in the lake of courage displayed by the South Vietnamese people, they gave away their freedom! However in this country we are faced with a complete lack of leadership, common sense, and this government is full of coruption from the presidency, leadership of the senate,and speaker of the house. Did I serve in the United States military to have a commander in chief get in front of the Congress and Senate of these United States and tell “facts” that are NOT substantiated and are completely contrary to what is needed to be done. Joe Wilson did not act appropriatly to the office of the Presidency, that is true, but he did speak of what he knows to be true and thats not what he was hearing.

  26. RKent

    I donated $50 after learning of Wilson’s disrespectful outburst. I don’t care if he apologized as it seems pretty clear he planned the whole thing. The leaders in Washington need to set the tone for the country, from both sides of the aisle.

  27. Joe Wilson’s rude outburst tells much about his lack of qualifications for the position he holds:

    He has no compassion: What would he want to happen to an accident victim who appeared in an emergency room if he couldn’t prove he was a US citizen?

    He is dishonest: After making an apology, he tried to justify his behavior.

    He is a terrorist: Trying to create fear among senior citizens who, by the way, get the kind of health care that sensible congressmen are trying to provide for all citizens.

    He is a racist: This should be evident!

    He may be guiltty of treason: Promoting and supporting the “Tea party” whose objective is apparently to overthrow the government of the US.

    Wake Up, Citizens of the 2nd congressional district of South Carolina. Whatever your party affiliations, vote for any candidate who opposes Joe Wilson!

  28. Lisa

    I have given my donation for Miller & will run my mouth as much as I can against Wilson. Republicans have proven they don’t love or respect our country. They just love their party. It is a game to them. They rule with fear. Wilson said he was sorry, than went on Hannaity (hate spreader) & trashed our president some more!!! He is the LIAR!!!! Praying for Miller in Ga.

  29. Carl_Zeigler

    My money goes to Joe Wilson ,he is the only one telling the truth.

  30. Carl_Zeigler

    My money goes to Joe Wilson, he is the only one telling the truth.

  31. Taildragrrr

    Obama is the one who needs to apologize. All he has done since he took office is lie, lie, lie, 4 years and out!

  32. Bydand

    What’s the matter folks? It turns out now that Wilson was right. While obama’s bill says illegals cannot participate, there is NO WAY to check on that, and The democrats TWICE turned down a republican amendment to install checks. So basicaly its on the honor system and we all know how well that’s going to work.

    Oh by the way, Tell George Soros he only has ONE vote no matter how much he dumps into a candidates election fund. Or are you folks so NAIVE that you think that $350,000 was all from small donors?l

  33. Renee

    Just donated $25 from Dallas, Texas. Our message to the “right”, whose goal seems to be to divide and destroy the US, should be a loud and clear NO WAY.

  34. Wilson's Right

    Only in a communistic setting can a person not speak his mind. The current administration’s laws will give illegals rights what they do not deserve. So lets kick out the one person who had the guts to try to stand up for you losers.

    You deserve what you get!!!

    What happened to freedom of speech???

  35. Tim

    I will be donating to Joe Wilson. Finally, someone had the brass to say what people were thinking. Good for Joe!!!!

  36. Ray

    The fact that Wilson accused Obaba of lying was out of order, However, Obama is lying about health care for the illegals. Any fool knows that they will continue to come as long as they can be treated at hospitals throughout the US without paying a dime. As this happens, our tax money continues to be used to treat the illegals who pay no taxes, pay few bills they owe and contribute nothing towards the economy of this country. As long as the borders are open, the illegals will continue to come. Already, border hospitals have been closed because they cannot provide health care free to thousands of illegals.

    Obama promised to end the war in Iraq. Has he done it? Hell no, he now wants to send more Americans to Afghanistan to die. Any dumb ass knows that neither of the two wars can ever be won. Barbarians will continue to fight for their cause long after our soldiers die and we realize all of our military efforts are in vain. The only country that agrees with the US in being in these wars is England. England only has never supported the war with more than a token number of soldiers and are even bringing them home. Certainly, they will send no more to die.

    In summary, yes, Obama does lie and has already broken his campaign promises. His leadership ability does not extend beyond bailouts, free health care for the unemployed and and gay partners of US Government employees, poor and illegals and those unwilling to work. Does anyone really believe him when he says he will pay for the health cares bill through Medicare savings and more taxes on the wealthy.

    The wealthy will make damn sure next election that he is out of the whitehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone believe that the poor, unemployed or illegals will ever pay enough taxes to feed the US economy must less pay for the stupid out of control spending by the liberals in control in Congress?

  37. John Niden

    Anyone care about the fact that the dear prez was lieing? Fools. Wilson is a true patriot. By the way, where was the outrage for the treatment Bush sustained????? Stop drinking the KOOL AID and wake up!!!!!

  38. ken m

    Joe Wilson is my hero! Obama is a liar, cheat and will be a one term president just like his hero, Jimmy Carter. I live in GA but he’s got my contribution. He’s got guts and stood up to the “Chosen One” by the left wingnut whackjobs like the late teddy and the greatest whackjob of them all Howard Dean

  39. Tony

    Is uncivilized interjection and rude interruptions part of the rights and previledges of a congress man?I am donating.

  40. Kevin

    It is about someone call out on his lies. It funny no calls Obama a liar when he tells untruths.

  41. Lisa

    Sorry, but the right is showing how stupid they are. Illegals already get free health care. They are not turned away & than there is no way to track them to pay their bill. You can thank George Bush for doing nothing about that for eight years. Thats why hospitals ers are so busy. Try to wise up! You all just hate dems.

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