GOP Picks Birther to Deliver Republican Rebuttal

Don’t over look this fact as you watch President Barack Obama’s speech calling for health insurance reform: the official GOP response will be delivered by a “birther”, Rep. Charles Boustany of Louisiana.

Of the President’s citizenship, Rep. Boustany has said, “it’s certainly being looked at…I think there are questions. We’ll have to see.”

Boustany said this 26 seconds into this video. Clearly, he’s someone of credibility.

I think we know why Rep. Boustany was picked to speak tonight: he has a history of distorting facts around health insurance reform. He might have been the second choice. Maybe the lead GOP Senate negotiator on health care, Sen. Chuck Grassley, was booked. (Grassley of course, believes that the Democrats want to “pull the plug on grandma”. Or at least he believes that because President Obama and Sarah Palin said so.)

Would someone please tell me why the Democrats are negotiating with these demagogues?



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2 responses to “GOP Picks Birther to Deliver Republican Rebuttal

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  2. Laura

    The best (and most uncomfortable) video I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing!

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