Meet the Heckling Republican Congressmen

It appears that Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert was the Member of Congress who had the sign reading, “What Bill?” and S.C. GOP Rep. Joe Wilson was the member who yelled “You Lie” in during this evening’s Joint Session of Congress with President Obama.

In my view, President Obama gave a moving address appealing for reform of our health insurance system.

But GOP House Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia missed it. He was on his BlackBerry.

Then we wrapped up with GOP Rep. Charles Boustany, a birther and a fool who sought to buy a British title of “Lord” in a scam only the most stupid among us would fall for.

Why are Democrats negotiating with these demagogues?



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5 responses to “Meet the Heckling Republican Congressmen

  1. Responsible Republicans need to call out the rep from SC for the egregious and unprecedented disrespect for the office and for the occasion.

    Of course, this means nobody will….

    — hippieprof

  2. Ken

    I share both speaker Polosi’s and VP Biden’s astonishment.
    Look carefully at the left of the screen and you shall see the Sargent of arms bolt to his feet.
    No matter your political leanings; that jerk off should have been ejected on his racist ass.

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  4. I do stand corrected on one point – the guy did apologize and some top Republicans have condemned his behavior. That much is good to see. I feared that we had devolved to the point that town- hall-style shouting would start to be tolerated on the floor of the house. It is good to see we haven’t.

    — hippieprof

  5. Bill

    I don’t care for what party you voted for, the PRESIDENT OF the UNITED STATES should NOT be heckled in a national speech!!!!!!!!!! Pres. George W. Bush was not (and he should have been 4 years after 9-11-01) but still he is the Pres. and who ever is the Pres. they should have the utmost respect. Joe Wilson did not show respect!! There is a place and a time for his comments and disapproval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This so called man does not have my approval to be in Washington D. C. The President either Rep. or Dem. should have the utmost respect on national tv. Let the comments come after the speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!

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