Joe “You Lie” Wilson Says He’s a Victim

It’s been a little over 24 hours since South Carolina GOP Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie” at President Obama and the Democratic netroots have jumped into action.

Besides creating this creative website and editing Rep. Wilson’s Wikipedia page, people like you and me have given some money to help Rob Miller, the Democrat running against Wilson in 2010. 

How much money? A whole hell of a lot. I just checked Miller’s Act Blue page. As of 10:40 ET, 17,569 people have given $640,478. That’s an average contribution of $36.45. These totals don’t include the money his campaign has received directly.

Congressman Wilson for his part spoke to reporters this morning and admitted he was told by the GOP he had to call the White House to apologize. He still is sticking by his lie that the bill wouldn’t prohibit healthcare going to illegal aliens.

He’s also claiming that he’s a victim and is raising money off of his unprecedented rudeness to the President. Watch it and go to Rob Miller’s page to give money to help defeat Joe “You Lie” Wilson in 2010.



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3 responses to “Joe “You Lie” Wilson Says He’s a Victim

  1. Lorie Bradham

    Shame on Joe Wilson, He can kiss his seat goodbye. Where did he learned his table manners.

  2. Sam Tyler

    I will donate .03 cents, this is another example of something mainstream mediablows out of proportion, in order to brainwash the sheeple.

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