President Obama in new ad for Creigh Deeds

Watch this and remember what last year was like and ask yourself what do you want to feel like on the day after the election when we know who our next Governor will be. Now ask yourself, what are you going to do to ensure our next Governor is Creigh Deeds.


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6 responses to “President Obama in new ad for Creigh Deeds

  1. phfft

    Who can forget that you endorsed this big loser conservative Dem in the primary. I hope you are working twice as hard for him, because real progressives are not going to budge.

    • Let me get this straight. Sen. Warner, Gov. Kaine, Sen. Webb and President Obama are all campaigning for Creigh Deeds to be governor and you’re still bitter over a primary that Creigh Deeds won handily?

      Seriously? If your attitude is the approach of Democrats in Virginia, we deserve Gov. McDonnell and a GOP legislature.

      • JS

        It would be an interesting follow-up by yourself as to why you endorsed Deeds (who is clearly not progressive) over Moran. Is it just a matter of your being wrong?

  2. Trista

    Geesh, the ad… Deeds has this look on his face at the conclusion like he’s going to kick your a%&…?
    Sure, he has a better platform, and in real life, he is a capable legislator, a better speaker than you would think, and he knows VA govt. and policy, BUT his personality?… The campaign should have been stronger… McDonnell won this fair & square. He even seems more gubenatorial.

  3. Nice thread. I think you both have good points. Thanks for continuing to post great conversation starters!

    Natalie @ 220

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