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Myths about the Deeds Campaign

I’ve had a long week and haven’t had the chance to keep up with all the political reading I’d like to. One item by the Washington Post’s Virginia Notebook blog about Creigh Deeds and his Deeds Country tour of Southwest Virginia caught my eye. The writer at the Post seems to have bought into the notion myth that progressives and liberals in Northern Virginia aren’t supporting Sen. Deeds.

I don’t believe this for a moment, certainly not after attending the Rally for Virginia in McLean this week. That crowd was fired up and ready to go.

I trust the Deeds campaign knows how to win in all parts of Virginia. After all, that’s exactly what Creigh Deeds did in the Democratic Primary.

If progressives are upset with Sen. Deeds as their nominee, then why did the most liberal areas of Virginia vote for him over his opponents in such overwhelming numbers?

It’s surprising and saddening to me that the political reporting team at the Post is willing to disregard these facts in their political analysis which they previously reported.

Oh, and as a reminder, if the August polls in 2005 were accurate, we’d have Gov. Kilgore now.



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Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Dear Mr. President:

Happy 48th Birthday! I hope today you can take a moment to celebrate with your wonderful family your big day. Thank you for working so hard to stand up for the working people of Virginia and around the country. And thank you especially for being so gracious to your political opponents who are so graceless. They’ll come around.

All the best,

Fake Virginia

p.s. Thank you for coming to Tysons Corner to rally Virginians for Creigh Deeds on Thursday. We appreciate your role in giving us a great governor in November.

p.p.s. Thought you enjoy this memory from last year in Orlando.

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GOP Elected Officials Break Ranks, Back Deeds for Governor

One thing that keeps Virginia’s politics interesting is that party affiliation doesn’t always get in the way of what’s doing right for Virginia. Today, a group of former GOP lawmakers endorsed State Senator Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee for Governor.

As the Deeds campaign pointed out in their news release, “all these legislators have served with both Creigh and Bob McDonnell. But when it came time to select a candidate that they thought could lead Virginia and bring people together — they chose Creigh.” Continue reading


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Deeds Banks Cash, Dems Resurrect Obama Field Team in Va.

State Sen. Creigh Deeds today announced his June raising totals today while the Democratic National Committee’s Virginia chapter of Organizing for America kicked off its Virginia Listening Tour in Reston tonight. Continue reading

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Bristol Herald Courier: Deeds is “best suited” to be Va. Governor

Creigh Deeds was endorsed by the Bristol Herald Courier this morning. The editorial board of the paper had good things to say about both Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe, but threw their support to Deeds. They write in part:

…we believe Deeds is best suited, with his 18 years of experience building relationships across Virginia and a deep understanding of rural challenges. Continue reading

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Who will Terry McAuliffe answer to if we elect him? Not Virginia.

I’ve just reviewed a list of cities and counties where Terry McAuliffe has raised money for his gubernatorial run of Virginia. After looking at this list, it’s hard for me to believe that McAuliffe will care more about Virginia than his friends who don’t live here and can’t vote for him. Continue reading


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Stand up for Virginia

While the Republican Party of Virginia is busy pondering the possible return next month of its deposed chairman, Del. Jeff Frederick, the team at Democratic Party of Virginia is hard at work.

The DPV’s  latest project is an effort to tell the story of how GOP members of the Virginia General Assembly chose to turn up their collective noses at $125 million in Federal stimulus funds which would have gone to help approximately 291,000 jobless Virginians. Continue reading

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