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Mayor Wilder and the View from Richmond

Cartoon by Mike Luckovich, Aug. 29, 2008.The day after the election, NPR interviewed Richmond Mayor and former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder and several of the mayor’s constituents on what Obama’s victory means for them. In the interview, two students from Virginia Union University remarked on this cartoon by Mark Lukovich, which was published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Aug. 29, 2008.


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The Bridge to Somewhere Special

Arlington Memorial Bridge symbolically reunited North and South.

Arlington Memorial Bridge symbolically reunited North and South.

When the Arlington Memorial Bridge was completed in 1932, the bridge instantly became one of Washington, D.C.’s great symbols as it connected the Lincoln Memorial with Robert E. Lee’s former home, Arlington House, which now overlooks Arlington National Cemetery. Many saw the bridge as a reunion of North and South. Continue reading

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Obama 1st Democratic Nominee to Campaign in Harrisonburg, Va. Since 1860

History was made in Harrisonburg, Va. today when Barack Obama became the first Democratic nominee for president to campaign there since Sen. Stephen Douglas lost to Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

Obama spoke to about 1,000 8,000 people at James Madison University. *

“There are a lot of important decisions to be made and no state is gonna be more important in this election than this state right here. The great state of Virginia.”

Obama leads McCain 54% to 44% in Virginia according to the last Washington Post poll.

In his remarks, Obama focused on healthcare.

* Revised and corrected crowd numbers from The Hotline and National Journal: “The campaign, citing university police, estimated some 8,000 people packed the gymnasium of this university in teh Shenandoah Valley, with another 12,000 reportedly outside the venue.”

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