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Sen. Al Franken: Teabag Whisperer

The folks at Talking Points Memo got this video from DustyTrice.com. What I like about it is no one is screaming. Folks gathered with Sen. Franken may not agree with him, but they have to agree that he is respectful to them. As I think about all the elected officials, Republican and Democrat, who have represented me over the years, few have been as courteous to opponents as Sen. Franken was here.

Perhaps how courteous a candidate is to those with whom they disagree should be a factor in our voting decisions.

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2 Recounts of Desperation

In recount news, today we learned a little bit  more of just how desperate the Republicans  in N.Y. and Minn. are to hold onto power. Continue reading

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Franken and Burris: What’s Next

Today members of the 111th Congress are taking the oath of office. Al Franken and Roland Burris will not be among them and that is appropriate. Here’s why and here’s what should happen next. Continue reading

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On Vacant Senate Seats: Let the Voters Decide

Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

First, America elects a one term senator their president. That Senator happens to be an African-American and he also happens to have flipped N.C., Ind., Fla., Va., Ohio, N.M. and Nev. from red to blue.

Then the senator, now President-elect, picks several fellow senators to join his administration, creating several vacancies. In the Senate, unlike the House where the states hold special elections, the vacancies are filled by Governors. (This is a relic of the time when state legislatures picked Senators. It’s a compromise which was established as part of the creation of the 17th amendment in 1913.)

So here’s where we stand with the various Senate vacancies: Continue reading

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Fire Saxby, Hire Jim

The road to a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority is becoming clearer and all signs say it goes through Georgia. Continue reading

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