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Among Virginia’s Candidates, Who Has the Best Record on Environmental Issues?

Today the Virginia Chapter of the non-partisan League of Conservation Voters issued its 2009 rankings of legislators. As members of the legislature, the Democratic nominees for Governor and Attorney General are included, as is the GOP nominee for AG. Where did they end up?

Here’s the scoop:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Sen. Creigh Deeds had the second highest ranking of the members of the Virginia Senate. LCV reported that Deeds voted with the League 91 percent of the time in 2009. His average rating since 2000 is 86 percent. Continue reading

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Ha! Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling blocked me on Twitter

This is a first for a politician heading into a tough race: Virginia’s Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has blocked me on Twitter. Seriously.

I mean do you think that’s going to make me be LESS critical of you Mr. Bolling? (I’ve only mentioned you twice on this blog.) Don’t you think you have an obligation to represent ALL of the Commonwealth? Is this part of your outreach to voters: stop all questions from them? Are you trying to silence your critics?

Thankfully both Mike Signer and Jody Wagner have more sense than you. What are you plans after you are defeated for re-election?

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Why I’m Opposed to Drilling Off Virginia’s Coast

The outcome was predictable. “More energy equals more jobs for Virginia,” Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling declared.

Bolling made these remarks and professed his everlasting devotion to Big Oil at a forum held last week to promote oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of Virginia. Bolling, along with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, has adopted Sen. John McCain’s platform when it comes to offshore exploration: “Drill, baby, drill!” Continue reading


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Nice to Tweet You, Jeff Frederick!

According to reports by Not Larry Sabato, Talking Points Memo, Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, The Huffington Post, Venture Beat and now MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff “Disarray” Frederick accidentally tipped off Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw to secret plans by Democratic Senator Ralph Northam to caucus with the Virginia Senate Republicans. Continue reading

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