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Our nominee: Creigh Deeds

The polls closed a little over two hours ago and it appears the Sen. Creigh Deeds has won a huge victory in his campaign for governor. According to Politico, the Associated Press called the race for Deeds when 65% of the vote was reported. At that point, Deeds had 50% of the vote. I’ve seen some speculation on Twitter tonight from “Not Larry Sabato” that our nominee may end up winning every Congressional district in the Commonwealth.

By any measure, this is an impressive victory. Sen. Deeds enters the general election campaign with the support of the majority of Virginia Democrats and he is well positioned to defeat Republican nominee Bob McDonnell in the fall. Continue reading


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Let’s Vote, Virginia!

A couple of quick details about Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections:

  • Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.
  • To find your polling place, click here.
  • All registered voters are eligible to vote in the Democratic primary regardless of whether you consider yourself a Democrat or not. Virginia doesn’t have party registration, so Republicans and Independents may join Democrats in choosing the Democratic nominee. (For what it’s worth, Republicans have already selected their nominees for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General in a state convention which featured Sean Hannity from Fox News — he’s “fair & balanced” you know. The Republican’s choice of Hannity tells you all you need to know about their slate.)

As for me, I am voting for Creigh Deeds. Here’s why.

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Deeds Takes Commanding Lead in Final Poll

Just posted tonight on the Public Policy Polling blog: State Senator Creigh Deeds has taken a commanding lead in the final poll conducted by the firm. According to PPP, “Deeds is now at 40%, followed by Terry McAuliffe at 26%, and Brian Moran at 24%.” Continue reading

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Washington Post says Brian Moran “gets it wrong” on Creigh Deeds

Creigh Deeds is surging, Terry McAuliffe is faltering and Brian Moran is trying to take the lead back from Deeds. That’s probably what’s behind Moran’s latest criticism’s of Deeds and the gas tax.

For its part, the Washington Post, which has endorsed Deeds over the two Northern Virginia candidates in the race, is having none of it. In fact, they call Moran’s criticisms “demagoguery”.

The Post also says Moran has mounted a “dubious line of attack” against Deeds which they believe is “seemingly hypocritical” since Moran has voted for gas tax increases himself.

Read today’s editorial for yourself and find out why the Washington Post said, “…Mr. Deeds is the best choice among the Democratic candidates for governor…”

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The Money Trail for Va. Gov. candidates between now and June 9

Earlier this evening, the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) released its analysis of the latest campaign finance reports submitted by the candidates for Governor.

Here’s what the latest numbers are for the 2nd quarter which began on April 1, 2009 and ended, for reporting purposes, on May 27: Continue reading

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Will Doug Wilder Endorse Bob McDonnell?

Yesterday Ryan Nobles of NBC 12 in Richmond had a thought-provoking post which looked at the possibility of former Governor and former Richmond Mayor Doug Wilder crossing party lines and endorsing Republican Bob McDonnell for Governor.

My take is that Wilder would only endorse in this race unless he believed his endorsement would make a difference in the outcome of the race. Given his apparent personal distaste for Terry McAuliffe, I think you can guarantee a Wilder endorsement for McDonnell if McAuliffe is the Democratic nominee.

But I think Wilder would sit out the race if Moran or Deeds is the nominee for the Democrats — he just wouldn’t have an impact.

Ryan also had a very telling interview with Bob McDonnell on the subject.

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Bristol Herald Courier: Deeds is “best suited” to be Va. Governor

Creigh Deeds was endorsed by the Bristol Herald Courier this morning. The editorial board of the paper had good things to say about both Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe, but threw their support to Deeds. They write in part:

…we believe Deeds is best suited, with his 18 years of experience building relationships across Virginia and a deep understanding of rural challenges. Continue reading

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