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Washington Post: Deeds has “Good Sense and Political Courage”

Creigh's for me!

Creigh's for me!

The Washington Post has endorsed Democratic State Sen. Creigh Deeds as its choice for Governor of Virginia. The Post’s editorial highlights Sen. Deeds’s biggest strength in his campaign against right wing Republican Bob McDonnell: only Deeds has a workable plan to fix Virginia’s transportation problem.

The Post writes that Deeds, “has the good sense and political courage to maintain the forward-looking policies of the past while addressing the looming challenge of fixing the state’s dangerously inadequate roads,” while McDonnell, “offers something different: a blizzard of bogus, unworkable, chimerical proposals, repackaged as new ideas, that crumble on contact with reality. They would do little if anything to build a better transportation system.” Continue reading



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Bob McDonnell Gets Political Advice from Nancy Pfotenhauer

Recently, Bob McDonnell, the GOP nominee for Governor of Virginia, went out to Oakton, Virginia to see Nancy Pfotenauer, the Republican activist and former spokeswoman for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign.

Readers will remember that Ms. Pfotenhauer is my muse and the inspiration for this blog. She’s been staying out of the spotlight since her declaration that “real Virginians” were people who supported McCain and who didn’t live in Northern Virginia. (Obama supporters like me were “Fake Virginians” in her mind.)

Since McCain’s defeat, Ms. Pfotenhauer is still active behind the scenes. (Currently, she’s working to defeat efforts to reform health insurance because she believes affordable health insurance will be bad for women — I am not making this up.)

Anyway, Ms. Pfotenhauer wants to help McDonnell get elected. My “hidden cameras” captured this footage from their meeting at Ms. Pfotenhauer’s Oakton home. Check it out.


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Fake Virginia is now on Facebook

find_us_on_facebook_badge1One of the reasons I started this blog is because, during the 2008 election, my friends — even my Democratic friends — grew a little weary of my political posts on my Facebook page.

You remember that “Less of” button? My friends, especially my GOP friends, pressed it a lot in September, October and November last year. By creating this blog, I wanted to give my friends a break from the all politics, all the time. Now if they want to hear my political opinions, they get that here. Continue reading

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McDonnell and Huckabee on Fake Virginia Values

So I’m not sure who to believe.

In his rather bland campaign kickoff video, Bob McDonnell said, “growing up in Northern Virginia, I learned from my parents values which lasted me a lifetime: close family, hard work, faith in God and community service.” 

But wait a minute!

Just a few days ago on McDonnell’s behalf, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said to voters in Tazewell County that the voters of Northern Virginia, “aren’t necessarily thinking the same way folks like you and me think.”

So does that mean that the people of Tazewell County don’t share McDonnell’s Northern Virginia values of  family, hard work, faith in God and community service?

I am so confused.

I’m thinking I better go find my muse Nancy Pfotenhauer. I am sure she can clear up this confusion about Bob’s value system.

That’s what I love about Nancy, you can always count on her to be keeping it real.

p.s. I just was searching Twitter and I can say without a doubt that there is at least one Northern Virginia value Bob McDonnell holds dearly: the value of saying, “Thank you“. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Bob is faking it.

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McDonnell on Huckabee and Fake Virginia

All three Democratic candidates for Governor in Virginia, as well as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, condemned the divisive remarks made by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on McDonnell’s behalf at a campaign appearance in Tazewell County.

But from McDonnell himself? Silence. Instead he had his spokeman address the controversy. Continue reading


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Fake Virginia’s Real New Year’s Resolutions

As we begin a new year together, I offer you these resolutions for 2009. This year, I resolve:

  1. To not take any reporter seriously who tries to convince the rest of America that Virginia’s 2009 election is a harbinger for the 2010 midterms. Virginia has a long history of voting on one way in state races and another way in national races. When the two coincide, it’s helpful to remember that correlation does not equal causation.
  2. To hold Barack Obama accountable for what he promised us in the 2008 campaign. It will be easier said than done, but I’m going to do my part.
  3. To do what I can to ensure that the GOP remains the opposition party, but a loyal one. All of those Republicans who lectured me about George W. Bush being “our” president, better get ready. And those idiots who called Barack Obama a socialist who palled around with terrorists, I’ve not forgotten about you.
  4. To point out the hypocrisy of politicians regardless of party. This should be easy to keep, no?
  5. To bring attention to innovative ideas in government. (I know that’s boring to some, but isn’t that the point of politics? To win elections so you can govern?)
  6. And finally, to do what ever I can to point out why Terry McAuliffe would be a horrible Governor of Virginia. He can run for state party chair, because Lord knows he’s a great fundraiser, but I don’t want that hack as my governor.

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The Bridge to Somewhere Special

Arlington Memorial Bridge symbolically reunited North and South.

Arlington Memorial Bridge symbolically reunited North and South.

When the Arlington Memorial Bridge was completed in 1932, the bridge instantly became one of Washington, D.C.’s great symbols as it connected the Lincoln Memorial with Robert E. Lee’s former home, Arlington House, which now overlooks Arlington National Cemetery. Many saw the bridge as a reunion of North and South. Continue reading

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