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Should I be Worried about Reps. Nye and Perriello?

I was very proud to support the election of Virginia Democratic Congressmen Tom Perriello and Glenn Nye. They share my values and I think both are doing a great job as freshmen congressmen.

But I am worried about their future political views.

Both men are 34 years old and as Bob McDonnell will tell you, political views “evolve” over time starting at age 34. (What one believes as a 34 year old will be repudiated over the next 20 years if McDonnell’s life is the norm.)

So Congressmen Nye and Perriello, please don’t evolve on me. I like you just the way you are.


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Obama’s Climate Change Win: Who Backed the President, Who Didn’t and Why

Yesterday evening, the House of Representatives passed an historic climate change bill which will reduce the level of greenhouse gases emitted in the U.S. over time by requiring polluting businesses to purchase credits to continue to pollute at current levels. Businesses who pollute less will be able to profit from selling the credits to businesses who aren’t willing to change their polluting ways.

The vote was close. 8 Republicans joined the Democratic leadership to pass the bill, while 44 Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the bill. Continue reading


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Why I’m Opposed to Drilling Off Virginia’s Coast

The outcome was predictable. “More energy equals more jobs for Virginia,” Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling declared.

Bolling made these remarks and professed his everlasting devotion to Big Oil at a forum held last week to promote oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of Virginia. Bolling, along with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, has adopted Sen. John McCain’s platform when it comes to offshore exploration: “Drill, baby, drill!” Continue reading


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Dear Va. GOP: What Part of Nov. 4 Did You Miss?

Dear Virginia Republicans:

I’m trying to understand your alternative reality or as Frank Rich calls it in today’s New York Times, a parallel universe / echo chamber. Maybe you can help me out. Continue reading

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Flip That State: Obama’s Redrawn Political Map

It’s been nearly a week and I still can’t believe it. Virginians gave its Electoral Votes to Barack Obama, elected Mark Warner to the Senate and took over 2, possibly 3 GOP House seats with the election of Glenn Nye, Gerry Connolly and the possible election of Tom Perriello. They will join Senator Webb and Congressmen Boucher, Moran and Scott as Democrats representing us on Capitol Hill. Continue reading

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Washington Post: 3 GOP Seats in Va. in Jeopardy, Big Win for Gov. Warner Expected

Chris Cillizza, a political writer with the Washington Post has named the Top 50 House seats across the country most likely to switch hands on Tuesday. There are three seats held by Virginia Republicans on the list. He’s also made a bold prediction about Gov. Mark Warner’s Senate race against Gov. Jim Gilmore. Continue reading

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New Ads Up for Glenn Nye

The Glenn Nye/Thelma Drake race is a toss up and there are two new ads on the air on Glenn’s behalf. (One features Gov. Mark Warner.) Check them out!

From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC):

From Glenn Nye’s Campaign:

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Cook Political Reports Rates Va. House Races

The latest ratings from the non-partisan Cook Political Report are out and there is some good news for Democrats.

  • Congressman Scott, Boucher and Moran are in “Solid Democratic” seats.
  • The race between Democrat Gerry Connolly and Republican Keith Fimian for the seat held by GOP Congressman Tom Davis is rated “Likely Democratic”.
  • The race between Democrat Glenn Nye and GOP Congresswoman Thelma Drake is ranked, “Toss Up”.
  • The race between Democrat Tom Perriello and GOP Congressman/Ignorant Bigot Virgil Goode is ranked, “Lean Republican”.
  • The race between Democrat Judy Feder and GOP Congressman Frank Wolf is ranked “Likely Republican”.
  • The remaining races are ranked “Solid Republican”.

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Gov. Kaine: Dems Will Gain at Least 2 GOP House Seats

According to the Washington Post, earlier today, Governor Tim Kaine predicted on WTOP News Radio that Virginia Democrats will win at least two GOP House seats next Tuesday. Along with a prediction that Gerry Connolly will win the seat held by the retiring GOP Rep. Tom Davis, Kaine expects the Dems to win at least one of the seats held by GOP Reps. Thelma Drake, Virgil Goode and Frank Wolf.

“They are all races that are doable depending on the size of the Obama turnout. In all of those districts, strong Democratic turnout should help the challengers. I think we will win at least two and maybe more.”

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DCCC Ads Running in Virginia

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running ads in support of several candidates in Virginia. Here are the latest: Continue reading

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Keep an Eye on Glenn Nye

Endorsed by the Virginian Pilot, former foreign service officed Glenn Nye is running an energetic campaign against Rep. Thelma Drake. (Note: The Virginian Pilot endorsed Rep. Drake in 2006.) Media General News Service writes that they believe the endorsement may make the difference for Nye.

Here’s one of Nye’s latest ads.

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