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Give to Rob Miller for Congress, Defeat Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson

Tonight I just made my first campaign contribution of the 2010 cycle. I gave a few dollars to Rob Miller, a Democrat who is running for Congress in South Carolina. You should, too.

Miller is running against GOP Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who earlier tonight shouted, “You Lie!” to President Obama, after the president pointed out that there will be no health care benefits for illegal immigrants.

Visit Rob’s campaign website to learn more about his candidacy or visit his Act Blue page to make a secure contribution to his campaign.



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Who Would Jesus Insure?

You can buy this wristband from www.whowouldjesusinsure.org.

You can buy this wristband from http://www.whowouldjesusinsure.org.

My Congressman, Jim Moran, recently held a town hall to answer the questions my neighbors and I have about health insurance reform. Like so many other town halls during this Congressional recess, it was was packed with people on all sides of the issue. My favorite blog, Wonkette, had the best coverage of the event.

As I watched the event on C-Span, I was struck by one sign captured by the television cameras. It asked a simple question: “Who Would Jesus Insure?”

When I pose this question to my friends on the far right wing of the Republican Party, they get very uncomfortable, particular those who are Christian Evangelicals. (Let me clear, they aren’t squirming over the fact that the question fails to use the pronoun “whom” which would make it grammatically correct.)

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Sen. Al Franken: Teabag Whisperer

The folks at Talking Points Memo got this video from DustyTrice.com. What I like about it is no one is screaming. Folks gathered with Sen. Franken may not agree with him, but they have to agree that he is respectful to them. As I think about all the elected officials, Republican and Democrat, who have represented me over the years, few have been as courteous to opponents as Sen. Franken was here.

Perhaps how courteous a candidate is to those with whom they disagree should be a factor in our voting decisions.

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Universal Health Care: The Cause of Ted Kennedy’s Life

Last night, the most influential Senator of my lifetime died. Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) was 77. His hands were on hundreds of laws, most importantly civil rights, education and health care.

Kennedy believed in social justice — his faith informed his politics. Despite being reviled by the grassroots of the right wing, he was beloved by some of the right wing elected officials of the GOP. Sen. Orrin Hatch, the conservative Republican of Utah was his best friend in the Senate.

Earlier this month, Sen. Kennedy, as he lay dying, penned this article for Newsweek where he called universal health care the “cause of my life”. (I also think it’s worth reading the statement he issued when the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee pass the health care bill earlier this summer.)

I don’t know if the Congress will pass health care reform or not. But I do know that Sen. Kennedy inspired a legion of Americans who will continue to fight for universal health care.

Don’t you worry, Sen. Kennedy, the dream will never die.

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God Bless Barney Frank!

What the Republicans don’t realize is that by failing to call out the the crazy people who agree with them, their own credibility is being permanently damaged.

What the GOP needs is some members like Barney Frank who are willing to stand up to what he calls “vile, contemptible nonsense”.

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Have You Had Enough of the GOP Mob?

Have you seen the wingnuts who’ve crashed the Congressional town hall meetings of Democrats to shout down any discussion of health care? A new Democratic National Committee asks if you’ve had enough of the GOP mob. Well have you?


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Eric Cantor: Fighting for Insurance Companies

Thanks to AFSCME for taking on Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Panderville) in this new ad.

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