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Republicans Admit Budget Gimmericky

Thank you Congressman Ryan for your brief moment of candor. We’d love to see more of it from you.

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GOP Rep. Pence: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Numbers

Here’s a rather uncomfortable moment for Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) who goes on MSNBC to defend the GOP’s 19 page long budget pamphlet. Enjoy.

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“Party of No” Site Launched by DNC

Perhaps the “Party of No” moniker is sticking. Today I read that the Democratic National Committee has launched a site dedicated to point out the obstructionist tendencies of the GOP. Continue reading

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Help Welcome Eric Cantor to Social Media

OK, my silly side thinks this is hilarious.

Virginia’s own, Congressman Eric Cantor, the erstwhile House Republican Whip, has embraced social media in a big way. I’ve written about his use of You Tube and I’ve mentioned a little bit about his use of Twitter. But today I recognized that Democrats who want to have a little fun at Rep. Cantor’s expense can so via Twitter. Continue reading


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The GOP is the PON: Party of No

Today the Republican National Committee issued a document they called, “A Disappointing Month“.

 As the RNC put it, “Obama’s first month has been marked by wasteful spending, failed bipartisanship, and questionable ethics.”

Whatever. Continue reading

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Upside-Down Stimulus Skeptics

The New York Observer calls out the Congressional Republicans for what they are: “Upside-Down Stimulus Skeptics.”

Joe Conason writes:

Ignorance and mythology are out-shouting facts and wisdom in public discussion of President Barack Obama’s plan to stimulate the depressed economy. Excessive airtime is devoted to the prejudices of cable hosts and radio personalities who regurgitate the ideas they barely understand and who haven’t entertained an original thought since the Reagan era. Urgent action that could prevent enormous suffering and damage is delayed by all the same old agendas that have dominated Washington for the past three decades.

He goes on to conclude that, “Restoring the American dream means putting a floor under family incomes and reducing the gap between the richest and the poorest, not only for the sake of simple justice but because that is the most reliable economic policy for the nation as a whole.”

Can I get an Amen?

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