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GOP Elected Officials Break Ranks, Back Deeds for Governor

One thing that keeps Virginia’s politics interesting is that party affiliation doesn’t always get in the way of what’s doing right for Virginia. Today, a group of former GOP lawmakers endorsed State Senator Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee for Governor.

As the Deeds campaign pointed out in their news release, “all these legislators have served with both Creigh and Bob McDonnell. But when it came time to select a candidate that they thought could lead Virginia and bring people together — they chose Creigh.” Continue reading


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GOP Establisment Backs Pat Mullins for Chair, Despite Frederick-like Remarks

This Saturday in Richmond, Pat Mullins is seeking a full term as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. When he was named chairman at a recent meeting of the State Central Committee, Mullins was hailed as “the adult in the room,” following the disastrous chairmanship of Del. Jeff Frederick.

His honeymoon didn’t last long. Continue reading

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100 Days of Michael Steele

Today marks the 100th day since the election of Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee. I personally can’t recall a more gaffe-prone, ill-spoken chairman of a national party. In Virginia, we would argue that Jeff Frederick, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, was the best state equivalent of Mr. Steele, but since Frederick has been forced out and has abandoned any comeback effort, I suppose that comparison isn’t as good as it once was.

As we observe this 100 day milestone, I think it’s important to note that Rep. Eric Cantor is not including Mr. Steele in his GOP rebranding effort and members of the RNC have recently moved to take away Steele’s authority to spend money. That begs the question, what does Michael Steele actually do?

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Wither the Fredericks?

Today Del. Jeff Frederick, the deposed former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, announced that he would not mount an effort to win back the chairmanship of the state GOP. This follows a decision by his wife Amy Frederick to give up her run for the delegate seat that Jeff Frederick has previously announced he would not seek reelection to.

I will miss this drama. But I don’t think for a moment that we’ve seen the last of the Frederick family in Virginia politics.

One side note, today Jeff Frederick finally updated his Twitter bio to reflect the fact that he’s the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. If I were him, I’d focus on the present and the future. Instead he’s like Karl Rove who merely references his past accomplishments.

But at least Jeff still tweets. That’s more than I can say for Amy.

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Undaunted, Frederick Plots His Comeback

You have to hand it to Del. Jeff Frederick, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. He is undaunted in the face of his removal by the GOP’s State Central Committee last weekend.

On Monday in an interview with the Washington Post, Frederick once again indicated his intent to reclaim the chairmanship. “I’m very concerned about the party’s ability to win in the fall,” Frederick said. “The current track we are on will not provide the results that we need.” Continue reading


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Jeff has Left

Jeff and Amy Frederick

The final vote is in. The Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia has voted to remove Del. Jeff Frederick as its chairman in a  57-18 vote.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, one member of the committee from Roanoke was unable to attend and their proxy was not counted and according to Bearing Drift, Morton Blackwell abstained, so only 75 votes were cast. Frederick needed to win 19 votes to remain chairman. Earlier today, The Washington Post reports that 67 members attended in person, with 9 members being represented by proxy voters who were approved.

No doubt, Frederick views this as a temporary departure from the chairmanship. Remember, he indicated to the Richmond Times-Dispatch that if he is removed, he will be a candidate for the chairmanship at the Virginia Republican Convention to be held in Richmond on May 29-30. The expected nominee for Governor and Frederick opponent Bob McDonnell, has arranged for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to be the keynote speaker at the Gala. Interestingly, although Frederick announced in February that Fox News’s Sean Hannity would speak at the convention, Mr. Hannity is no longer listed on the RPV’s website as a speaker. (Maybe McDonnell’s team withdrew the invitation.)

In my view, today’s decision sets up Frederick as a political martyr in the eyes of the religious conservatives who elected him. These are the voters Bob McDonnell needs to get elected and I believe that they will stay home in November, particularly if the Democrats nominate Creigh Deeds, who most view as the most conservative of the Democratic candidates for governor. McDonnell better hope that he faces Terry McAuliffe, whose ties to the Clintons and his history of antagonizing the right will force Frederick’s supporters to help McDonnell anyway.

But in no means is this over. I really believe that this decision sets up the Republican Party of Virginia to go the way of the Republicans in Kansas. Personally, I am delighted.

BTW, I wonder how long before Frederick’s bio and photo are removed from the RPV’s $60,000 website?

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Amy Frederick Launches Campaign for Delegate

Talk about timing.

In a few hours, the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia is expected to fire Del. Jeff Frederick as its chairman. But even if they get rid of him, they will have to contend with his wife, Amy Frederick.

Mrs. Frederick announced her candidacy for her husband’s seat in the House of Delegates on YouTube Friday. That fact was missing from a New York Times story about the kabuki theater which will be held in Henrico County later today.

But enough about the soon to be ex-chairman. I wonder, is Amy to Medvedev as Jeff is to Putin?

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