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Who Would Jesus Insure?

You can buy this wristband from www.whowouldjesusinsure.org.

You can buy this wristband from http://www.whowouldjesusinsure.org.

My Congressman, Jim Moran, recently held a town hall to answer the questions my neighbors and I have about health insurance reform. Like so many other town halls during this Congressional recess, it was was packed with people on all sides of the issue. My favorite blog, Wonkette, had the best coverage of the event.

As I watched the event on C-Span, I was struck by one sign captured by the television cameras. It asked a simple question: “Who Would Jesus Insure?”

When I pose this question to my friends on the far right wing of the Republican Party, they get very uncomfortable, particular those who are Christian Evangelicals. (Let me clear, they aren’t squirming over the fact that the question fails to use the pronoun “whom” which would make it grammatically correct.)

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Come clean Congressman Moran

Tonight the House Ethics Committee announced that it was conducting a preliminary inquiry into the now defunct PMA lobbying firm and its relationships with House lawmakers. The firm, which was founded by former Democratic staffers on the House Armed Services Committee was shuttered after the FBI raided its offices last year. Basically its employees stand accused of making PAC contributions to members of the Armed Services Committee in exchange for earmarked appropriations which benefited PMA’s clients in the defense industry. Continue reading


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Hit and Run Journalism

This evening I watched with curiosity a few pro-Terry McAuliffe bloggers promote on Twitter two stories critical of Brian Moran’s fundraising in his gubernatorial campaign.  Both stories will be in tomorrow’s papers but are online tonight. They both highlight Moran’s political ties to his brother, Alexandria, Va. Congressman Jim Moran. Continue reading

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Why I’m Opposed to Drilling Off Virginia’s Coast

The outcome was predictable. “More energy equals more jobs for Virginia,” Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling declared.

Bolling made these remarks and professed his everlasting devotion to Big Oil at a forum held last week to promote oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of Virginia. Bolling, along with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, has adopted Sen. John McCain’s platform when it comes to offshore exploration: “Drill, baby, drill!” Continue reading


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