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Palin: No One Would Pray With Me

Apparently Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has yet another beef with the McCain campaign. The staffers assigned to her didn’t pray with her prior to her debate against Vice President Joe Biden, then a U.S. Senator from Delaware. Continue reading

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On Vacant Senate Seats: Let the Voters Decide

Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

First, America elects a one term senator their president. That Senator happens to be an African-American and he also happens to have flipped N.C., Ind., Fla., Va., Ohio, N.M. and Nev. from red to blue.

Then the senator, now President-elect, picks several fellow senators to join his administration, creating several vacancies. In the Senate, unlike the House where the states hold special elections, the vacancies are filled by Governors. (This is a relic of the time when state legislatures picked Senators. It’s a compromise which was established as part of the creation of the 17th amendment in 1913.)

So here’s where we stand with the various Senate vacancies: Continue reading

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Sen. Biden in Suffolk

Joe the Senator is fired up! Here’s his latest from yesterday’s rally in Suffolk.

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News Round Up from Across Virginia (Real and Fake)

There is a lot of news coverage of our Democratic candidates in today’s papers across the Commonwealth. Here’s a sample:

The Martinsville Bulletin describes Friday’s Henry County Democratic rally featuring Sen. Joe Biden in “Biden calls for change, unity at spirited rally”.

The Newport News endorsed Mark Warner for Senate. So did the Bristol Herald Courier. which has a companion analysis piece looking at the state of the Presidential race in the Commonwealth.

The Danville Register Bee reports that former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle will speak in Danville on Monday and Tom Perriello will debate Rep. Virgil Goode on Tuesday night. The Register Bee also has an editorial questioning the effectiveness of Rep. Goode.

The Winchester Star describes Friday’s debate between Democrat Judy Feder, Rep. Frank Wolf and independent Neeraj C. Nigam.

The Richmond Times Dispatch has details on Sen. Obama’s upcoming visits to Norfolk and Harrisonburg on Tuesday.

And GOP Rep Tom Davis tells MSNBC (on Friday) that “Virginia is still in play at the Presidential level.” Not if I have anything to do with it Tom!

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Sen. Biden in Danville, Va.

I can’t remember the last time a Democratic Vice Presidential or Presidential candidate spoke in Danville, Va. And when was the last time Sen. Joe Biden was this fired up?

Meet Joe the VP 2 BE.

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