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GOP Pundit Hates “Poor Old People” of Alexandria, Va.

What is wrong with Fox News commentator Fred Barnes? When he complains about the “poor old people” waiting with him in Alexandria’s “early voting” line who is he referring to? Perhaps it’s Joe McCain, who dropped the F-bomb in the direction of an Alexandria 911 dispatcher during. He lives in “Communist Country.”

And Fred, Virginia doesn’t have “early voting”. The line you were waiting in was for people requesting to vote absentee in person. Virginia also allows you to vote absentee via mail.

Maybe since parking in Old Town Alexandria is so “crowded”, you should request a mail in absentee ballot next time.

Or just maybe you’re a poor old person.


H/T to Talking Points Memo for the video.

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Hey McCain, Do Fake Virginians Cast Real Votes?

Rebecca Sinderbrand with CNN’s Political Ticker describes the irony of the McCain rally in Springfield, Va. better than I can. Afterall, it was only 2 weeks ago that my muse Nancy Pfotenhauer said Northern Virginia wasn’t Real Virginia.

But now Nancy’s boss wants the votes of Fake Virginia and he came to Springfield to grovel. This was after the boss’s brother called our part of the Commonwealth, “Communist Country” and dropped the F-bomb in a call to our 911 dispatcher in a complaint about traffic.

Well “my friends”, I’ve already cast my very real vote and it wasn’t for Nancy’s boss. So I guess I have one more question about today’s McCain rally in Springfield, was Nancy there?

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Joe McCain to 911 Dispatcher: “F-You”

Joe McCain is channelling Billy Carter. And apparently John McCain can’t shut his brother up any better than President Carter could silence Billy.

By now you’ve heard that Brother Joe has called Northern Virginia, “Communist Country.”

That was bad enough, but it seems that Joe McCain has a bad temper just like his brother. Apparently on Oct. 21, Joe McCain called 911 in Alexandria, Va. to complain about the traffic backed up on the Woodrow Wilson bridge.

Yes Joe, real Virginia has traffic, even for comrades.

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