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President Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass

In an off the record interview today, President Obama was asked about Kanye West’s rude behavior at this weekend’s MTV Music Video Awards show where he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award.

The President called West, a “jackass”.

We know this because ABC News’ Terry Moran tweeted about it, breaking the “off the record” terms of the interview. Already, the President’s critics are claiming he was unpresidential.

You know what? They’re right.

But it’s helpful to have some perspective.

President Obama isn’t the first president to use crude language when he thought no one would find out or when he was speaking to media off the record. We know that then candidate George W. Bush called a New York Times reporter a “major league asshole” and Dick Cheney, once he became Vice President told a Senator to “Go fuck yourself.”

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon were recorded on tape speaking in vulgar language. I’m sure the same could be said for President Clinton and Reagan. (I’m not as certain about Presidents Ford and Carter.) Bush, Sr. as Vice President said he tried to “kick a little ass” in his Vice Presidential debate opponent, then-Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro.

But what kills me is that those on the right wing are criticizing President Obama’s remarks as if no other previous President ever uttered a vulgarity. They ignore Kanye West’s behavior and the fact that President Obama’s remarks were made off the record. They, in a bizarre attempt to defend Congressman Joe “You Lie” Wilson, say that the President’s remarks were worse.

I’m not so sure.

In fact, I’d say most of them are jackasses, too.

My line of thinking was expressed this morning by Austin Goolsbee this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He said that the GOP was playing the role of the East German judge in the Winter Olympics. Obama could complete a triple lutz and the Republicans would give him a 2.0 out of 10.

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Joe “You Lie” Wilson Says He’s a Victim

It’s been a little over 24 hours since South Carolina GOP Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie” at President Obama and the Democratic netroots have jumped into action.

Besides creating this creative website and editing Rep. Wilson’s Wikipedia page, people like you and me have given some money to help Rob Miller, the Democrat running against Wilson in 2010. 

How much money? A whole hell of a lot. I just checked Miller’s Act Blue page. As of 10:40 ET, 17,569 people have given $640,478. That’s an average contribution of $36.45. These totals don’t include the money his campaign has received directly.

Congressman Wilson for his part spoke to reporters this morning and admitted he was told by the GOP he had to call the White House to apologize. He still is sticking by his lie that the bill wouldn’t prohibit healthcare going to illegal aliens.

He’s also claiming that he’s a victim and is raising money off of his unprecedented rudeness to the President. Watch it and go to Rob Miller’s page to give money to help defeat Joe “You Lie” Wilson in 2010.


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Give to Rob Miller for Congress, Defeat Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson

Tonight I just made my first campaign contribution of the 2010 cycle. I gave a few dollars to Rob Miller, a Democrat who is running for Congress in South Carolina. You should, too.

Miller is running against GOP Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who earlier tonight shouted, “You Lie!” to President Obama, after the president pointed out that there will be no health care benefits for illegal immigrants.

Visit Rob’s campaign website to learn more about his candidacy or visit his Act Blue page to make a secure contribution to his campaign.


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Meet the Heckling Republican Congressmen

It appears that Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert was the Member of Congress who had the sign reading, “What Bill?” and S.C. GOP Rep. Joe Wilson was the member who yelled “You Lie” in during this evening’s Joint Session of Congress with President Obama.

In my view, President Obama gave a moving address appealing for reform of our health insurance system.

But GOP House Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia missed it. He was on his BlackBerry.

Then we wrapped up with GOP Rep. Charles Boustany, a birther and a fool who sought to buy a British title of “Lord” in a scam only the most stupid among us would fall for.

Why are Democrats negotiating with these demagogues?


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