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Bob McDonnell Gets Political Advice from Nancy Pfotenhauer

Recently, Bob McDonnell, the GOP nominee for Governor of Virginia, went out to Oakton, Virginia to see Nancy Pfotenauer, the Republican activist and former spokeswoman for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign.

Readers will remember that Ms. Pfotenhauer is my muse and the inspiration for this blog. She’s been staying out of the spotlight since her declaration that “real Virginians” were people who supported McCain and who didn’t live in Northern Virginia. (Obama supporters like me were “Fake Virginians” in her mind.)

Since McCain’s defeat, Ms. Pfotenhauer is still active behind the scenes. (Currently, she’s working to defeat efforts to reform health insurance because she believes affordable health insurance will be bad for women — I am not making this up.)

Anyway, Ms. Pfotenhauer wants to help McDonnell get elected. My “hidden cameras” captured this footage from their meeting at Ms. Pfotenhauer’s Oakton home. Check it out.


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Rep. Bob Goodlatte is a Birther, Rep. Eric Cantor Blames the Media


I wonder if Betty Hill were alive today if she would be a "birther"?

My favorite commentator on Twitter, PourMeCoffee, nailed the whole “birther” nonsense. (You know, the “birthers” are these paleoconservatives who deny that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and therefore is not eligible to be President under the Constitution.) PourMeCoffee compares these nut jobs with the late Betty Hill, who believed that an outer space alien arrived in a U.F.O.  and abducted her and her husband.

As PourMeCoffee wrote, “This is what those wishing to engage the birthers are up against. Love your crazy! Hug it and hold it and love it right! Betty did. Never, ever let it go!”

Cue Virginia’s own, Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke. Continue reading


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On Liberty

Editorial cartoon from the Washington Examiner following the death of Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr.

Editorial cartoon from the Washington Examiner following the death of Rev. Jerry Falwell, Sr.

By now I’ve had the chance to read about the decision of Liberty University to ban the school’s chapter of College Democrats from its Lynchburg, Virginia campus. No one should be surprised by this move, which was communicated to students by this email. The private school has long held religious and political beliefs which are far from the mainstream of Virginia and the rest of the country. (In fact, the bigger surprise was that the College Democrats were welcomed in the first place.) Continue reading


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Why I’m Opposed to Drilling Off Virginia’s Coast

The outcome was predictable. “More energy equals more jobs for Virginia,” Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling declared.

Bolling made these remarks and professed his everlasting devotion to Big Oil at a forum held last week to promote oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of Virginia. Bolling, along with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, has adopted Sen. John McCain’s platform when it comes to offshore exploration: “Drill, baby, drill!” Continue reading


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McCain and Murphy on Future of Republican Party

This morning on Meet the Press, David Gregory ran a video clip of GOP strategist Mike Murphy’s appearance on the show from March 1. Murphy was the campaign manager for Sen. John McCain’s 2000 effort. On the future of the GOP, Murphy said:

The country is changing. Ronald Reagan won in 1980 with 51% of the vote. We all worship Ronald Reagan. But if that election had been held with the current demographics in America today, Ronald Reagan would have gotten 47 percent of the vote. The math is changing. Anglo vote is 74 percent now not 89. And if we don’t modernize conservatism, we are going to have a party of 25 percent of the vote going to Limbaugh rallies, joining every applause line, ripping the furniture up, we’re going to be in permanent minority status.

Roll tape forward to this morning when David Gregory showed Murphy’s remarks to Sen. John McCain and asked him, “How does conservatism modernize itself, how does the party get back to power?” Continue reading

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President Obama’s News Conference

I’m watching it live right now and I am so happy that I am not watching President John McCain. That’s all. Get back to what you were doing.

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No on Lieberman, No on Stevens

Dear Sen. Warner and Sen. Webb:

I used to live in the District of Columbia but as Nancy Pfotenhauer pointed out, lots of Democrats like me have been streaming across the Potomac River to establish residence in the Commonwealth.

Perhaps you picked up on that when you reviewed the results of the Nov. 4 election. Your consituents voted overwhelmingly for change. We elected your colleague Barack Obama as our president and we elected three new Democrats to represent us in the House of Representatives and we elected our beloved former Governor Mark Warner to speak up for us where you both work — in the Senate.

It’s a new day.

Tomorrow, you both have a vote and you’ve been strangely silent. Continue reading

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