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JMU’s Roberts Expect Feder and Perriello Could Upset GOP Incumbents

On Friday on WRVA News Radio in Richmond, James Madison University political science professor Robert Roberts was quoted as saying Democrats Judy Feder and Tom Perriello could knock off GOP Congressmen Frank Wolf and Virgil Goode on Tuesday, because of a successful Democratic GOTV program led by the Obama campaign. Roberts also predicts a Gerry Connolly win.

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More Details on Monday Night Obama Rally in Manassas Park

Daily Kos InsideNova.com has a few more details on Obama’s Monday night rally in Manassas Park Manassas at 9:00 p.m. ET at the Prince William Co. Fairgrounds. Given the traffic with the Leesburg rally, I urge you to plan an extra 2 hours into your travel time.

And something I hadn’t yet considered which Farewell Frank points out: Obama began his Virginia campaign and will end his campaign in the 10th Congressional District. This has got to help Judy Feder and scare the crap out of Frank Wolf (R-Status Quo).

This Fake Virginian will see you there!

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Congressman Wolf, Why Haven’t You Fired Ben Dutton?

Dear Congressman Wolf:

Why haven’t you fired your employee, Ben Dutton, who in your presence, assaulted one of your constituents?

Oh that’s right, you’re our Congressman, you don’t answer our questions.


The Taxpayers Who Pay Your Salary.

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Cook Political Reports Rates Va. House Races

The latest ratings from the non-partisan Cook Political Report are out and there is some good news for Democrats.

  • Congressman Scott, Boucher and Moran are in “Solid Democratic” seats.
  • The race between Democrat Gerry Connolly and Republican Keith Fimian for the seat held by GOP Congressman Tom Davis is rated “Likely Democratic”.
  • The race between Democrat Glenn Nye and GOP Congresswoman Thelma Drake is ranked, “Toss Up”.
  • The race between Democrat Tom Perriello and GOP Congressman/Ignorant Bigot Virgil Goode is ranked, “Lean Republican”.
  • The race between Democrat Judy Feder and GOP Congressman Frank Wolf is ranked “Likely Republican”.
  • The remaining races are ranked “Solid Republican”.

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Paul Begala on Failed Congressman Frank Wolf, R-Status Quo

God love Paul Begala! His blog post on Congressman Frank Wolf and the caning incident involving Judy Feder’s staffers is worth a read. My favorite part, he dubs Wolf, “Congressman Frank Wolf, R-Status Quo.”

Begala writes:

If there was any doubt that Frank Wolf is out of touch, the proof is in that video. When a self-proclaimed champion of human rights tolerates the beating of his political opponents, you know it’s time to retire. Perhaps the incident—which has drawn tens of thousands of YouTube viewers—will raise some money for Feder. Apparently she has a new campaign expense: body armor for her staff.

Judy Feder will win on Tuesday if you volunteer for her between now and Election Day. Visit www.judyfeder.com for details.

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Gov. Kaine: Dems Will Gain at Least 2 GOP House Seats

According to the Washington Post, earlier today, Governor Tim Kaine predicted on WTOP News Radio that Virginia Democrats will win at least two GOP House seats next Tuesday. Along with a prediction that Gerry Connolly will win the seat held by the retiring GOP Rep. Tom Davis, Kaine expects the Dems to win at least one of the seats held by GOP Reps. Thelma Drake, Virgil Goode and Frank Wolf.

“They are all races that are doable depending on the size of the Obama turnout. In all of those districts, strong Democratic turnout should help the challengers. I think we will win at least two and maybe more.”

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Washington Post Gives Frank Wolf a Pass on Caning Incident

The Washington Post apparently think Congressman Wolf is blameless in the altercation between his supporters and the Judy Feder campaign workers which was first reported over the weekend by Raising Kaine.

While the Post gets credit for a short blog post and a story in Tuesday’s paper, they are not holding Congressman Wolf accountable for standing by as his supporter twice hit the Feder campaign workers. The Post also failed to criticize Rep. Wolf for his refusal to answer the questions posed to him by the Feder campaign workers.

I get that neither piece were editorial in nature. But why did the reporter go to Wolf’s fellow GOP Congressman, Virgil Goode for a comment on the practice of using campaign trackers?

Give me a break.

Voters deserve better from Wolf and readers deserve better from the Post.


In case you missed the reprehensible behavior of Congressman Wolf, here’s the video.

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