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100 Days of Michael Steele

Today marks the 100th day since the election of Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee. I personally can’t recall a more gaffe-prone, ill-spoken chairman of a national party. In Virginia, we would argue that Jeff Frederick, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, was the best state equivalent of Mr. Steele, but since Frederick has been forced out and has abandoned any comeback effort, I suppose that comparison isn’t as good as it once was.

As we observe this 100 day milestone, I think it’s important to note that Rep. Eric Cantor is not including Mr. Steele in his GOP rebranding effort and members of the RNC have recently moved to take away Steele’s authority to spend money. That begs the question, what does Michael Steele actually do?

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Steele is “Done” with Reaching out to Obama

In a recent interview with CNN, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele seems to think being head of the DNC or RNC is the same thing as being President of the United States.

Gee, Michael, do you think former President Bush took calls from Terry McAuliffe or Howard Dean?

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Steele: Feud with Rush was “all Strategic”

Remember the feud Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele had with Rush Limbaugh, where he called Limbaugh an “entertainer” and Limbaugh’s remarks “ugly” and “incendiary”? In less than 24 hours after speaking the truth, Steele recanted the remarks and apologized to Limbaugh — pulling what I call a Full Gingrey. The Democratic National Committee then launched www.ImSorryRush.com.

Well, Michael Steele now says his feud with Limbaugh was “all strategic” on his part. “It may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there’s a rationale — a logic for it.” Continue reading


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Who Goes First: Frederick or Steele?

Despite my personal pleading to Republicans, the calls for Michael Steele and Jeff Frederick to resign from their positions as chairman of the Republican National Committee and Republican Party of Virginia, respectively, continue. Continue reading

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Leave Jeff Frederick Alone!

It’s bad enough that conservatives are calling for the ouster of RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Now Virginia’s GOP Congressmen are calling for the ouster of Prince William County Delegate Jeff Frederick as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

That’s just terrible! As a Virginia Democrat, I believe both Steele and Frederick provide the keys to victory — for Democrats in Virginia and in Steele’s case, Democrats across the country. Continue reading

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Michael Steele: “You Be Da Man”

Rep. Michelle Bachmann said it best when she looked at RNC Chairman Michael “Hip Hop” Steele and said, “Michael Steele, you be da man!”

She seriously said that — TWICE.

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Limbaugh Beats Steele in Zoolander Walkoff: Gingrey Cheers

Just in, Michael Steele caved and apologized to Rush Limbaugh. Wow, that was quick! Continue reading


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