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Virginia Foxx Launches Lying Contest with Michelle Bachmann

North Carolina GOP Congresswoman Virginia Foxx has apparently launched a competition with Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann to see who can lie more. Here is Rep. Foxx’s latest entry, which I think beats Rep. Bachmann’s entry where she blamed the Great Depression on FDR. Yes, what Rep. Foxx said is a BIGGER lie than that. Continue reading


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Michael Steele: “You Be Da Man”

Rep. Michelle Bachmann said it best when she looked at RNC Chairman Michael “Hip Hop” Steele and said, “Michael Steele, you be da man!”

She seriously said that — TWICE.

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Michelle Bachmann is Crazy

Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is either crazy or on drugs. I vote for crazy.

The “go-to gal” for conservative cable shoutfests is at again. In her first term, she made 22 appearances on national cable television, but her latest tops them all. Continue reading


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Revisionist History

In the days since the election, we’ve seen a great deal of revisionist history being written right before our very eyes.

Take new re-elected Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. Before the election she told MSNBC that she was, “very concerned that [Sen. Obama] may have anti-American views.” The day after the election Rep. Bachmann said she was, “extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year.” Continue reading

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