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Mike Huckabee Restarts “Us vs. Them” Politics in Virginia

That didn’t take long.

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor who lost the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination to Sen. John McCain (R-Kids, Get Off My Lawn), is back in Virginia politics.

Just five months ago, Huckabee was campaigning for GOP nominee for Governor Bob McDonnell in Tazewell County and he said that the voters of Northern Virginia, “aren’t necessarily thinking the same way folks like you and me think.”

In the wake this divisive politics, a spokesman for McDonnell acknowledged that “former Arkansas Governor Huckabee made some comments that do not reflect how integrated Virginia’s economy is” but “the only name on the Virginia ballot this fall on the Republican side is Bob McDonnell, and only he speaks for this campaign.”

At the time, McDonnell, himself refused to repudiate the divisive remarks, but he clearly appreciated them, via Twitter at least.

Well now we learn that Mike Huckabee is asking supporters from outside of Virginia to call us on August 22 to ask us to vote for Bob McDonnell. “Stand up for our values and our country,” he tweets.


So my question for Mr. Huckabee is, if Creigh Deeds wins does that mean that “our values” and “our country” have been harmed?

That’s exactly the self-righteous kind of politics Virginians are sick of. Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds worship the same God and love the same country. Just because Mr. Huckabee disagrees with Sen. Deeds, doesn’t mean that Deeds isn’t as faithful or as patriotic as McDonnell.

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Did the Richmond Times Dispatch ripoff my blog?

There’s a new editorial in the Richmond Times Dispatch just posted on their website. When I read it, I had to smile. I wrote essentially the same thing on May 28. Continue reading

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Ralph Nader accuses Terry McAuliffe of trying to buy him off

It's voter suppression in April; in May, it's not a big deal.

It's voter suppression in April; in May, it's not a big deal.

Today the Washington Post ran a blog post where Ralph Nader accused Terry McAuliffe of offering him an undisclosed amount of money to pull out of 19 battleground states in the 2004 Presidential election. (“Nader Accuses McAuliffe of Suppressing Votes”.) There is also a story out tonight which will be in tomorrow’s paper. (“Nader: McAuliffe Offered Money To Avoid Key States in ’04 Race”)

So what did Terry McAuliffe have to say about this? Did he deny it? Um, no.  He had his campaign spokeswoman respond to the Post on his behalf. She didn’t deny Nader’s accusation at all. Instead, she sought to dismiss it. Continue reading


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McDonnell and Huckabee on Fake Virginia Values

So I’m not sure who to believe.

In his rather bland campaign kickoff video, Bob McDonnell said, “growing up in Northern Virginia, I learned from my parents values which lasted me a lifetime: close family, hard work, faith in God and community service.” 

But wait a minute!

Just a few days ago on McDonnell’s behalf, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said to voters in Tazewell County that the voters of Northern Virginia, “aren’t necessarily thinking the same way folks like you and me think.”

So does that mean that the people of Tazewell County don’t share McDonnell’s Northern Virginia values of  family, hard work, faith in God and community service?

I am so confused.

I’m thinking I better go find my muse Nancy Pfotenhauer. I am sure she can clear up this confusion about Bob’s value system.

That’s what I love about Nancy, you can always count on her to be keeping it real.

p.s. I just was searching Twitter and I can say without a doubt that there is at least one Northern Virginia value Bob McDonnell holds dearly: the value of saying, “Thank you“. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Bob is faking it.

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McDonnell on Huckabee and Fake Virginia

All three Democratic candidates for Governor in Virginia, as well as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, condemned the divisive remarks made by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on McDonnell’s behalf at a campaign appearance in Tazewell County.

But from McDonnell himself? Silence. Instead he had his spokeman address the controversy. Continue reading


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GOP Again Seeks to Divide Virginia

We saw it last year in Virginia from the Republicans. Division. Cynicism. Disdain. Hate.

John McCain’s campaign spokeswoman (and my muse) Nancy Pfotenhauer declared that Northern Virginia wasn’t, “real Virginia”. McCain’s brother Joe called Northern Virginia, “Communist Country”. Then-Sen. Elizabeth Dole called challenger now-Sen. Kay Hagan, “godless.” The Virginia GOP Chairman Jeff Frederick compared Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP candidate for Vice President, spoke at length about “Pro-America”.

Well everywhere they tried to divide us, the Republicans lost, except when the people of Georgia re-elected Saxby Chambliss to the Senate. (I’ll never understand that.)

You would think the Republicans would realize that voters, in Virginia at least, won’t fall for the divide and conquer tactics they deployed before.

But apparently not. Now it’s Mike Huckabee’s turn to try to divide Virginia. In an appearance in Tazewell County, Huckabee urged voters to turn out in the fall for GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. Continue reading


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