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Washington Post: Deeds has “Good Sense and Political Courage”

Creigh's for me!

Creigh's for me!

The Washington Post has endorsed Democratic State Sen. Creigh Deeds as its choice for Governor of Virginia. The Post’s editorial highlights Sen. Deeds’s biggest strength in his campaign against right wing Republican Bob McDonnell: only Deeds has a workable plan to fix Virginia’s transportation problem.

The Post writes that Deeds, “has the good sense and political courage to maintain the forward-looking policies of the past while addressing the looming challenge of fixing the state’s dangerously inadequate roads,” while McDonnell, “offers something different: a blizzard of bogus, unworkable, chimerical proposals, repackaged as new ideas, that crumble on contact with reality. They would do little if anything to build a better transportation system.” Continue reading


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Bob McDonnell Gets Political Advice from Nancy Pfotenhauer

Recently, Bob McDonnell, the GOP nominee for Governor of Virginia, went out to Oakton, Virginia to see Nancy Pfotenauer, the Republican activist and former spokeswoman for John McCain’s failed presidential campaign.

Readers will remember that Ms. Pfotenhauer is my muse and the inspiration for this blog. She’s been staying out of the spotlight since her declaration that “real Virginians” were people who supported McCain and who didn’t live in Northern Virginia. (Obama supporters like me were “Fake Virginians” in her mind.)

Since McCain’s defeat, Ms. Pfotenhauer is still active behind the scenes. (Currently, she’s working to defeat efforts to reform health insurance because she believes affordable health insurance will be bad for women — I am not making this up.)

Anyway, Ms. Pfotenhauer wants to help McDonnell get elected. My “hidden cameras” captured this footage from their meeting at Ms. Pfotenhauer’s Oakton home. Check it out.


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Va. GOP Repeats Pfailed 2008 Campaign Strategy

My muse, Nancy Pfotenhauer is back on TV shilling for the Republicans. Despite fantastic job approval ratings for President Obama, Nancy is claiming that the President is considered by Pew Research to be one of the, “most polarizing presidents in recent history”.

That’s not exactly what the study actually says. If you read it, the study explains that the President lacks support from Republicans but enjoys strong support from independants and Democrats. It says, “for all of his hopes about bipartisanship, Barack Obama has the most polarized early job approval ratings of any president in the past four decades.”

In other words, the President hasn’t yet won over Republicans who voted for John McCain. But Nancy and the GOP would have you believe that no one likes Obama.

I’ve got more on that on my YouTube channel.

But for now, I wanted to be sure you saw this very clever video just released by the Democratic Party of Virginia. It very effectively lays out what Bob McDonnell and the GOP are up to: more of the same divisive politics that I am sick of and Nancy specializes in. Check it out.

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McDonnell and Huckabee on Fake Virginia Values

So I’m not sure who to believe.

In his rather bland campaign kickoff video, Bob McDonnell said, “growing up in Northern Virginia, I learned from my parents values which lasted me a lifetime: close family, hard work, faith in God and community service.” 

But wait a minute!

Just a few days ago on McDonnell’s behalf, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said to voters in Tazewell County that the voters of Northern Virginia, “aren’t necessarily thinking the same way folks like you and me think.”

So does that mean that the people of Tazewell County don’t share McDonnell’s Northern Virginia values of  family, hard work, faith in God and community service?

I am so confused.

I’m thinking I better go find my muse Nancy Pfotenhauer. I am sure she can clear up this confusion about Bob’s value system.

That’s what I love about Nancy, you can always count on her to be keeping it real.

p.s. I just was searching Twitter and I can say without a doubt that there is at least one Northern Virginia value Bob McDonnell holds dearly: the value of saying, “Thank you“. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Bob is faking it.

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Pfotenhauer: Global Warming is “Hilarious”

My muse, Nancy Pfotenauer, is back on TV. Recently she appeared on Fox News Channel with noted scientists Sean Hannity and Lou Holtz of college football fame, denying the existence of global warming.

Nancy said:

You know, it’s hilarious. Because when you talk to the scientists, they say you could make the case just as much for global cooling  and that you know —  this stuff  — it’s run amok. But I tell you what with Carol Browner in that White House, buckle up.

Gee Nancy, what other scientific evidence are you prepared to deny? Or better put, what other kinds of junk science are you prepare to accept? Maybe you believe smoking cigarettes is good for you.

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Maybe Nancy Has Hope

even-i-have-hopeI don’t know if my muse, Nancy Pfotenhauer has hope. I don’t know her inauguration plans either. Perhaps she went to Josh Bolten and Andy Card’s party at Glen Echo Park, MD  last night. Or maybe she fled town, too depressed over what what all the Fake Virginians and Fake Americans did on November 4.

Or maybe, just maybe, she’s part of the group of McCain supporters who have come around to support President-Elect Obama and his efforts to unite our country.

I hope that even Nancy has hope.

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Hey McCain, Do Fake Virginians Cast Real Votes?

Rebecca Sinderbrand with CNN’s Political Ticker describes the irony of the McCain rally in Springfield, Va. better than I can. Afterall, it was only 2 weeks ago that my muse Nancy Pfotenhauer said Northern Virginia wasn’t Real Virginia.

But now Nancy’s boss wants the votes of Fake Virginia and he came to Springfield to grovel. This was after the boss’s brother called our part of the Commonwealth, “Communist Country” and dropped the F-bomb in a call to our 911 dispatcher in a complaint about traffic.

Well “my friends”, I’ve already cast my very real vote and it wasn’t for Nancy’s boss. So I guess I have one more question about today’s McCain rally in Springfield, was Nancy there?

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