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Tweeting Bob’s Manifesto

bobmcdonnellWhen news broke Sunday that Republican Bob McDonnell had written some right wing crazy stuff in his graduate these submitted for his masters and law degrees from Pat Robertson’s CBN University, now Regent, I decided that I would read every word of his writing and tweet the best parts. I just finished.

I’ve been amazed at how effective this has been in drawing people’s attention to this document. I set up a special URL for McDonnell’s thesis — I called it http://bit.ly/BobsManifesto and linked to it in most of the tweets I’ve put out since the story broke. The traffic has been surprisingly significant.

I hope people read it Mr. McDonnell’s thesis in its entirety and the news coverage about it. In an new editorial in today’s paper, the Washington Post calls Bob McDonnell a “culture warrior”.

“…in his 14 years in the state’s General Assembly, Mr. McDonnell did aggressively pursue a socially conservative agenda largely in line with his thesis. As governor he could do the same, although he would be constrained by a legislature at least partly controlled by Democrats. He could not ban abortion and contraception, but he could help restrict access. The Bob McDonnell who wrote that thesis would make a divisive, disruptive and partisan governor — a sharp departure from the tradition of generally pragmatic executives who have helped make Virginia one of the better-managed states in the union. Virginians deserve specific answers about where the thinking of his early middle age has shifted, and where it remains consistent.”

I agree 100 percent! Continue reading

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GOP Establisment Backs Pat Mullins for Chair, Despite Frederick-like Remarks

This Saturday in Richmond, Pat Mullins is seeking a full term as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. When he was named chairman at a recent meeting of the State Central Committee, Mullins was hailed as “the adult in the room,” following the disastrous chairmanship of Del. Jeff Frederick.

His honeymoon didn’t last long. Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell Said, “No” to Virginia’s Unemployed

By now you’ve heard that Bob McDonnell and the Republican legislators rejected $125 million in jobless benefits from the Federal government. With this act, they said, “No” to the nearly 300,000 Virginians who are unemployed.

The Stand Up for Virginia team is traveling across the Commonwealth and listening to unemployed Virginians. If you’re out of work, look for them in your town soon so you can tell McDonnell and the GOP what you think of their decision.

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Stand up for Virginia

While the Republican Party of Virginia is busy pondering the possible return next month of its deposed chairman, Del. Jeff Frederick, the team at Democratic Party of Virginia is hard at work.

The DPV’s  latest project is an effort to tell the story of how GOP members of the Virginia General Assembly chose to turn up their collective noses at $125 million in Federal stimulus funds which would have gone to help approximately 291,000 jobless Virginians. Continue reading

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Jeff Frederick vs. Va. GOP “Insiders”

Whether or not he keeps the RPV chairmanship, Del. Jeff Frederick would also like his wife Amy to win his House of Delegates seat.

Whether or not he keeps the RPV chairmanship, Del. Jeff Frederick would also like his wife Amy to win his House of Delegates seat.

I can’t say that I am surprised, but I am delighted to learn that Delegate Jeff Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, is fighting back against critics who are seeking his ouster from the RPV chairmanship. It makes this kabuki theater show much more interesting.

Today Frederick released a statement to media taking on the naysayers and answering their charges. This follows up a robo-call campaign launched by his supporters.

Frederick writes that his critics are a  “small minority” who seek to turn the RPV, “into a rubber stamp for its long-time insiders.”

In Frederick’s view, these “insiders” are the ones to be blamed for the Republican Party’s losses in Virginia, not him. Continue reading

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