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Rep. Bob Goodlatte is a Birther, Rep. Eric Cantor Blames the Media


I wonder if Betty Hill were alive today if she would be a "birther"?

My favorite commentator on Twitter, PourMeCoffee, nailed the whole “birther” nonsense. (You know, the “birthers” are these paleoconservatives who deny that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and therefore is not eligible to be President under the Constitution.) PourMeCoffee compares these nut jobs with the late Betty Hill, who believed that an outer space alien arrived in a U.F.O.  and abducted her and her husband.

As PourMeCoffee wrote, “This is what those wishing to engage the birthers are up against. Love your crazy! Hug it and hold it and love it right! Betty did. Never, ever let it go!”

Cue Virginia’s own, Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke. Continue reading


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Enter the “Rename Liberty University” Contest

The Big Book of Irony, By Jon Winokur

The Big Book of Irony, By Jon Winokur

Dan Casey, metro columnist with the Roanoke Times, is holding a contest to rename Liberty University. Officially he’s calling his contest the “Let’s rename ‘Liberty’ U — to just about anything BUT Liberty”.

Why hold a such a contest? Because clearly, given the university’s decision to defund the College Democrats while continuing to fund College Republicans, they don’t believe in Liberty. (It’s ironic, isn’t it?)

The contest’s winner will receive, appropriately enough, a hardcover copy of “The Big Book of Irony“, by Jon Winokur. Continue reading

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Roanoke Times Endorses Tom Perriello Over Rep. Goode

Good news! The Roanoke Times has endorsed Tom Perriello and his bid to unseat Rep. Virgil Goode. I think this calls for some old-fashioned bluegrass music from the new band sweeping the 5th District, the Perriello Pickers!

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