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McDonnell on Palin: “a Successful Governor”

According to an exclusive interview with the Washington Times, one of the things soon-to-be-former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she wants to do after she leaves office later this month is campaign for candidates who agree with her, regardless of their party affiliation. Despite The Times’ report that Palin will campaign for the occasional Democrat, I think it’s safe to assume her candidate in Virginia’s governor’s race would be right wing Republican nominee Bob McDonnell.

After all, McDonnell said he believes Palin, “was a successful governor in Alaska. She was a popular governor in Alaska, got a lot of things done on taxes, and government regulation and ethics, and you know, those are some of the things that I’m interested in getting done here in Virginia.” Continue reading

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If Palin Can, So Can Sanford

What is it with these Republican Governors? Today, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin decided that, we won’t have Palin to kick around anymore. In a bizarre news conference, she announced that she would not be running for re-election as Governor and she will resign in three weeks on July 26 at the Governor’s picnic. (A picnic? How quaint!) GOP Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell will become governor then. There are so many good quotes from Palin today, it’s easier for you to just watch the video yourself. It’s in two parts. Continue reading

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The Deep Denial of Alaska’s GOP

Alaska’s Republicans have my head spinning.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Justice  to ask for a Federal Court to throw out the conviction of former Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on corruption charges.

Even though the Justice Department asked that the conviction be dropped on a technicality, not because they believed Stevens to be innocent, Stevens and his attorneys claimed victory.

That’s not enough for the Alaska Republican Party and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Continue reading

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Palin: No One Would Pray With Me

Apparently Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has yet another beef with the McCain campaign. The staffers assigned to her didn’t pray with her prior to her debate against Vice President Joe Biden, then a U.S. Senator from Delaware. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Alternative Reality

This past week was Sarah Palin unplugged. Unfortunately for the Alaska governor, by most accounts she didn’t help herself.

Among all the interviews she gave, the one with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday was the most jaw dropping, especially her remarks about Sen. Ted Stevens. Continue reading

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Revisionist History

In the days since the election, we’ve seen a great deal of revisionist history being written right before our very eyes.

Take new re-elected Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. Before the election she told MSNBC that she was, “very concerned that [Sen. Obama] may have anti-American views.” The day after the election Rep. Bachmann said she was, “extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year.” Continue reading

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Another Reagan Republican Endorses Obama

Today, Ken Duberstein, President Reagan’s White House chief of staff, endorsed Barack Obama. Duberstein made his endorsement in an interview which will air on CNN Sunday night. Also, on MSNBC, Duberstein criticized McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate:

“What most Americans I think realize is that you don’t offer a job, let alone the vice presidency, to a person after one job interview,” Duberstein said. “Even at McDonalds you’re interviewed three times before you’re given a job.”

Separately, Lawrence Eagleburger, Secretary of State under former President George H.W. Bush back off of earlier remarks critizing Gov. Palin.

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