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Should I be Worried about Reps. Nye and Perriello?

I was very proud to support the election of Virginia Democratic Congressmen Tom Perriello and Glenn Nye. They share my values and I think both are doing a great job as freshmen congressmen.

But I am worried about their future political views.

Both men are 34 years old and as Bob McDonnell will tell you, political views “evolve” over time starting at age 34. (What one believes as a 34 year old will be repudiated over the next 20 years if McDonnell’s life is the norm.)

So Congressmen Nye and Perriello, please don’t evolve on me. I like you just the way you are.


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Rep. Bob Goodlatte is a Birther, Rep. Eric Cantor Blames the Media


I wonder if Betty Hill were alive today if she would be a "birther"?

My favorite commentator on Twitter, PourMeCoffee, nailed the whole “birther” nonsense. (You know, the “birthers” are these paleoconservatives who deny that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and therefore is not eligible to be President under the Constitution.) PourMeCoffee compares these nut jobs with the late Betty Hill, who believed that an outer space alien arrived in a U.F.O.  and abducted her and her husband.

As PourMeCoffee wrote, “This is what those wishing to engage the birthers are up against. Love your crazy! Hug it and hold it and love it right! Betty did. Never, ever let it go!”

Cue Virginia’s own, Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke. Continue reading


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Obama’s Climate Change Win: Who Backed the President, Who Didn’t and Why

Yesterday evening, the House of Representatives passed an historic climate change bill which will reduce the level of greenhouse gases emitted in the U.S. over time by requiring polluting businesses to purchase credits to continue to pollute at current levels. Businesses who pollute less will be able to profit from selling the credits to businesses who aren’t willing to change their polluting ways.

The vote was close. 8 Republicans joined the Democratic leadership to pass the bill, while 44 Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the bill. Continue reading


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Dear Va. GOP: What Part of Nov. 4 Did You Miss?

Dear Virginia Republicans:

I’m trying to understand your alternative reality or as Frank Rich calls it in today’s New York Times, a parallel universe / echo chamber. Maybe you can help me out. Continue reading

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Congressman-Elect Tom Perriello by 749 Votes

Although the results in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District are not yet final, Tom Perriello increased his lead after a bipartisan canvass of every county and city in the district.

On Friday at news conference in Martinsville, Perriello declared victory, with unofficial State Board of Elections results showing a 749 vote margin for the Democrat. Former 5th District Democratic Congressman L.F. Payne has agreed to head up Perriello’s transition team.

The State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the results on Nov. 24. At that point, the candidate who is certified to be on the losing end of the election can request a recount, according to the State Board of Elections. Given Perriello’s current lead, it’s highly unlikely that the results would be overturned, but count on Congressman Goode to spend the taxpayer’s money for a personal ego trip of a recount.

On a more positive note, take the time to watch the video from Perriello’s news conference Friday, which is found on his campaign website. While there, be sure to read the note of thanks from Congressman-Elect Tom Perriello. Tom is my kind of politician. I’m proud to have contributed to his race.

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Flip That State: Obama’s Redrawn Political Map

It’s been nearly a week and I still can’t believe it. Virginians gave its Electoral Votes to Barack Obama, elected Mark Warner to the Senate and took over 2, possibly 3 GOP House seats with the election of Glenn Nye, Gerry Connolly and the possible election of Tom Perriello. They will join Senator Webb and Congressmen Boucher, Moran and Scott as Democrats representing us on Capitol Hill. Continue reading

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JMU’s Roberts Expect Feder and Perriello Could Upset GOP Incumbents

On Friday on WRVA News Radio in Richmond, James Madison University political science professor Robert Roberts was quoted as saying Democrats Judy Feder and Tom Perriello could knock off GOP Congressmen Frank Wolf and Virgil Goode on Tuesday, because of a successful Democratic GOTV program led by the Obama campaign. Roberts also predicts a Gerry Connolly win.

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