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Rep. Bob Goodlatte is a Birther, Rep. Eric Cantor Blames the Media


I wonder if Betty Hill were alive today if she would be a "birther"?

My favorite commentator on Twitter, PourMeCoffee, nailed the whole “birther” nonsense. (You know, the “birthers” are these paleoconservatives who deny that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. and therefore is not eligible to be President under the Constitution.) PourMeCoffee compares these nut jobs with the late Betty Hill, who believed that an outer space alien arrived in a U.F.O.  and abducted her and her husband.

As PourMeCoffee wrote, “This is what those wishing to engage the birthers are up against. Love your crazy! Hug it and hold it and love it right! Betty did. Never, ever let it go!”

Cue Virginia’s own, Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Roanoke. Continue reading


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Virginia’s Chapter of the Paranoid Caucus

You know how when you’re walking through the woods in the summer and you lift up a rock, remember what happens? The bugs underneath the rock run from the daylight. I feel like that’s what happened on April 15 with these AstroTurf Tea Party tax protests, except this time, the bugs didn’t run away, when America lifted up the rock. Continue reading


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Congressman-Elect Tom Perriello by 749 Votes

Although the results in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District are not yet final, Tom Perriello increased his lead after a bipartisan canvass of every county and city in the district.

On Friday at news conference in Martinsville, Perriello declared victory, with unofficial State Board of Elections results showing a 749 vote margin for the Democrat. Former 5th District Democratic Congressman L.F. Payne has agreed to head up Perriello’s transition team.

The State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the results on Nov. 24. At that point, the candidate who is certified to be on the losing end of the election can request a recount, according to the State Board of Elections. Given Perriello’s current lead, it’s highly unlikely that the results would be overturned, but count on Congressman Goode to spend the taxpayer’s money for a personal ego trip of a recount.

On a more positive note, take the time to watch the video from Perriello’s news conference Friday, which is found on his campaign website. While there, be sure to read the note of thanks from Congressman-Elect Tom Perriello. Tom is my kind of politician. I’m proud to have contributed to his race.

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JMU’s Roberts Expect Feder and Perriello Could Upset GOP Incumbents

On Friday on WRVA News Radio in Richmond, James Madison University political science professor Robert Roberts was quoted as saying Democrats Judy Feder and Tom Perriello could knock off GOP Congressmen Frank Wolf and Virgil Goode on Tuesday, because of a successful Democratic GOTV program led by the Obama campaign. Roberts also predicts a Gerry Connolly win.

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Washington Post: 3 GOP Seats in Va. in Jeopardy, Big Win for Gov. Warner Expected

Chris Cillizza, a political writer with the Washington Post has named the Top 50 House seats across the country most likely to switch hands on Tuesday. There are three seats held by Virginia Republicans on the list. He’s also made a bold prediction about Gov. Mark Warner’s Senate race against Gov. Jim Gilmore. Continue reading

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MSNBC: “NRCC Concern Over Once-Safe GOP Seat?”

It’s happening. The Republicans are in full out panic-mode over the surge of Democratic support in Virginia. The latest sign, according to MSNBC, is that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is focusing more attention on attacking Tom Perriello who’s running against Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Status Quo).

MSNBC reports that the NRCC has issued a press release claiming Perriello is, “someone who feels more at home on the Upper Westside than he does in the heart of Virginia.”

Puh-lease. Perriello was born and raised in the 5th District and the Republicans know it. If being from New York is so horrible, why in the world did Goode take $150,000 from New York financial interests?

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New Ads Up for Tom Perriello

Folks, Tom Perriello can win with your help. These ads were just posted on Tom’s YouTube site and are running in rotations on TV across the 5th district.

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