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Virginia’s Chapter of the Paranoid Caucus

You know how when you’re walking through the woods in the summer and you lift up a rock, remember what happens? The bugs underneath the rock run from the daylight. I feel like that’s what happened on April 15 with these AstroTurf Tea Party tax protests, except this time, the bugs didn’t run away, when America lifted up the rock. Continue reading


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Dear Va. GOP: What Part of Nov. 4 Did You Miss?

Dear Virginia Republicans:

I’m trying to understand your alternative reality or as Frank Rich calls it in today’s New York Times, a parallel universe / echo chamber. Maybe you can help me out. Continue reading

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Nice to Tweet You, Jeff Frederick!

According to reports by Not Larry Sabato, Talking Points Memo, Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire, The Huffington Post, Venture Beat and now MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff “Disarray” Frederick accidentally tipped off Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw to secret plans by Democratic Senator Ralph Northam to caucus with the Virginia Senate Republicans. Continue reading

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The Va. GOP Disarray Continues

If you need to know just how screwed up the Virginia GOP is, read this AP story about Va. GOP Chairman Jeff Frederick on the wire this evening.  No wonder moderate GOP Congressman Tom Davis opted to retire when Frederick and the Va. GOP leadership squeezed him out of the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in favor of Jim Gilmore. That ended up being a brilliant move, didn’t it Jeff?

Va. Democrats can only hope the disarray continues as we prepare to elect a new Gov., Lt. Gov., A.G. and state legislature.


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