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More Newspaper Endorsements for Deeds

Not only has The Washington Post endorsed Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia, so has The Virginian-Pilot, The Roanoke Times, as well as the state’s largest African-American newspaper, the Richmond Free Press.  In my neighborhood in Fairfax County, the Deeds campaign is already touting The Post endorsement with yard signs, just as they did leading up to the Democratic primary when Deeds was endorsed by The Post. Continue reading



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Washington Post: Deeds has “Good Sense and Political Courage”

Creigh's for me!

Creigh's for me!

The Washington Post has endorsed Democratic State Sen. Creigh Deeds as its choice for Governor of Virginia. The Post’s editorial highlights Sen. Deeds’s biggest strength in his campaign against right wing Republican Bob McDonnell: only Deeds has a workable plan to fix Virginia’s transportation problem.

The Post writes that Deeds, “has the good sense and political courage to maintain the forward-looking policies of the past while addressing the looming challenge of fixing the state’s dangerously inadequate roads,” while McDonnell, “offers something different: a blizzard of bogus, unworkable, chimerical proposals, repackaged as new ideas, that crumble on contact with reality. They would do little if anything to build a better transportation system.” Continue reading


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Washington Post says Brian Moran “gets it wrong” on Creigh Deeds

Creigh Deeds is surging, Terry McAuliffe is faltering and Brian Moran is trying to take the lead back from Deeds. That’s probably what’s behind Moran’s latest criticism’s of Deeds and the gas tax.

For its part, the Washington Post, which has endorsed Deeds over the two Northern Virginia candidates in the race, is having none of it. In fact, they call Moran’s criticisms “demagoguery”.

The Post also says Moran has mounted a “dubious line of attack” against Deeds which they believe is “seemingly hypocritical” since Moran has voted for gas tax increases himself.

Read today’s editorial for yourself and find out why the Washington Post said, “…Mr. Deeds is the best choice among the Democratic candidates for governor…”

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Deeds Endorsed by Martinsville Bulletin

It wasn’t just the Bristol Herald Courier that endorsed Sen. Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia Sunday. The Martinsville Bulletin did as well. The Bulletin wrote in part:

Time and time again, partisanship has blocked progress, and even common sense, in Virginia. It is time for that to end, and we believe Sen. Creigh Deeds is the person who can make that happen. Continue reading

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Washington Post names itself and 6 others Best Va. Political Blogs

Today Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post announced the Post’s list of the nation’s best state political blogs. These blogs were picked by the readers of Cillizza’s blog, The Fix.

Making the list from Virginia were seven blogs:

I’m sure that Fake Virginia was No. 8 on the Post’s list. 😉

Check out the complete list of blogs from around the country here.

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Washington Post: What’s Real About the Split in Virginia

The Washington Post’s Marc Fisher will hold a live chat about his latest column, “What’s Real About the Split In Virginia” at noon ET on Thursday, Oct. 30.

My take is that ALL Virginians want a decent job, affordable healthcare, good schools, lower and fairer taxes, a government that works for them, safe streets and society where anyone who works hard and plays by the rules will succceed.

That’s not a Democratic value or a Republican value — that’s an American value. What do you think?

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Washington Post Gives Frank Wolf a Pass on Caning Incident

The Washington Post apparently think Congressman Wolf is blameless in the altercation between his supporters and the Judy Feder campaign workers which was first reported over the weekend by Raising Kaine.

While the Post gets credit for a short blog post and a story in Tuesday’s paper, they are not holding Congressman Wolf accountable for standing by as his supporter twice hit the Feder campaign workers. The Post also failed to criticize Rep. Wolf for his refusal to answer the questions posed to him by the Feder campaign workers.

I get that neither piece were editorial in nature. But why did the reporter go to Wolf’s fellow GOP Congressman, Virgil Goode for a comment on the practice of using campaign trackers?

Give me a break.

Voters deserve better from Wolf and readers deserve better from the Post.


In case you missed the reprehensible behavior of Congressman Wolf, here’s the video.

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