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Kay Hagan Considering Voting Down DC Vote in Congress

Dear Sen. Hagan:

Must you alienate your base this early in your career? Word from the DCist is that you’re considering siding with those who would deny the people of the District of Columbia a vote in Congress.

I hope this rumor is nothing more than that – a rumor.

Isn’t it ironic that the people of the District of Columbia have fought and died so the people of  Baghdad and Kabul can have something the U.S. Congress is willing to deny its own citizens: namely, voting representation in their legislatures?


Fake Virginia


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Chris Matthews on Sen. Dole’s Godless Ad

Is Dole saying to Hagan this line? "I'll get you, my little pretty. And your little dog, too!"

Is Dole saying to Hagan this line? "I'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog, too!"

On Hardball tonight, Chris Matthews just called Elizabeth Dole’s “Godless” ad attacking her Democratic opponent Kay Hagan, “The Wicked Witch of the West” ad. Well, Dole IS really from Kansas and not North Carolina, so that’s appropriate.

After showing Hagan’s first response ad, Pat Buchannan said, “It may be one of the great counter punches ever.” The Washington Post’s Gene Robinson said of Hagan’s response, ” It’s honest and straightfoward, tough and effective.”

Meanwhile, Hagan has yet another response ad to Dole. Check it out.

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Sen. Dole, “Did the Devil Make You Do It?”

In North Carolina, newspapers have condemned GOP Sen. Dole for her desperate attacks on State Senator Kay Hagan. Yet Dole has a new attack ad and Hagan has a new response. Continue reading

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Hey Liddy Dole, Don’t Mess with Kay!

Despite condemnation from fellow Republicans and newspapers across the country, Sen. Elizabeth Dole insists nothing is wrong with her sleazy ad in North Carolina telling voters that her opponent, State Senator Kay Hagan, is an atheist!

In fact, Sen. Hagan is a Presbyterian elder and Sunday School teacher at the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro. She’s also a tough campaigner. Today, Sen. Hagan released a response ad and she filed a lawsuit against Sen. Dole and the Dole Campaign.

We need more fighters like Kay Hagan in the Senate. Make that happen and contribute to Kay’s campaign: www.kayhagan.com.

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Sen. Dole, Take Down Your Sleazy Ad!

Here in Virginia, we’ve seen our share of candidates who have used religion to divide and conquer the electorate. Congressman Virgil Goode’s ignorant, demogogic rants against Congressman Keith Ellison immediately jump to mind.

But nothing the bigotted Virgil Goode has done compares to the latest advertisement released by Sen. Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina in her campaign against State Senator Kay Hagan. Continue reading

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