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Virginia’s Chapter of the Paranoid Caucus

You know how when you’re walking through the woods in the summer and you lift up a rock, remember what happens? The bugs underneath the rock run from the daylight. I feel like that’s what happened on April 15 with these AstroTurf Tea Party tax protests, except this time, the bugs didn’t run away, when America lifted up the rock. Continue reading


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DeLay Defends Gov. Perry’s call for Texas Secession

Wow, to think that I thought Virginia’s right wingers were crazy! Check out former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay defending Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-Texas) call that Texas secede from the Union. Virginia’s got nothing on Texas.

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Who Needs Big Government?

From the folks at www.governmentisgood.com, I present this important documentary film, just in time for your Tea Party this evening. Happy Tax Day!

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Would you like irony with your tea? One lump or 2?

Today I paid my taxes. (I’m old fashioned — I still believe in that.)

I like that through our government we fund highways, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, parks, the arts, care for the elderly, the poor, programs for kids — see Head Start, heating oil for the poor, veterans benefits, school lunches and breakfasts for poor kids, the military — especially snipers that kill pirates, Social Security, student loans, farm loans, home loans, entities which regulate drugs, food, financial services, banks, insurance — we need more of that, not less, scientific research, housing for the homeless and poor, among other things.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.” Continue reading

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