The Moralistic Hypocrisy of the GOP: That Was Then, This is Now

As you consider the reactions of various Republican elected officials to the recent sex scandals involving their own — e.g. Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Gov. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) — I think it’s helpful to looks and see what these same Republicans said when Democrats couldn’t keep their pants zipped.

The easiest place to find examples of the moralistic hypocrisy that’s plagued the Republican Party in recent years is the Clinton impeachment matter. Check out the impeachment votes of the  House Judiciary Committee, the full House vote and the two Senate votes as well as the comments made about President Clinton’s behavior.

I particularly think it’s interesting to note that both Ensign and Sanford voted to impeach President Clinton, yet both are insisting that they remain in office following their own sexual indiscretions.

This makes me their political beliefs are inspired by the great political philosopher Micky Dolenz.

(As an aside, why is that our nation’s female pols don’t cheat nearly as much as their male counterparts?)



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3 responses to “The Moralistic Hypocrisy of the GOP: That Was Then, This is Now

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  2. Of course, they didn’t vote to impeach Clinton for his “sexual indiscretions”; they voted to impeach Clinton because he abused his power and lied about it.

    Moreover, Ensign and Sanford have treated the women involved with far more respect that Slick Willie treated the women in question.

  3. The good governor, Mark Sanford, did indeed treat his mistress with far more respect than Bill Clinton did with his. Sanford called her his soulmate and said he would have to learn how to love his wife again.

    Bill Clinton insisted he loved his wife first and foremost. So, Sanford humiliated his wife instead of his mistress. Most men would do the opposite.

    Another unflattering comparison is that Sanford disappeared from his state, leaving nobody in charge and nobody even able to find him, while he was out cavorting. Bill Clinton was never AWOL.

    And no, it wasn’t about lying to Congress – or George Bush and Dick Cheney would have been frog marched out of office for that.

    The GOP simply sees the splinter in everybody else’s eyes while ignoring a rather large beam in their own.

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